Gilbert Adair Books In Order – Complete List of Books

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

Prize-winning novelist Gilbert Adair (1944-2011) wrote several works of fiction, including an Agatha Christie copycat series called Evadne Mount Trilogy. I’ve read the trilogy and at some point, I really thought I was reading one of Agatha Christie’s books. It was uncannily similar in style. Reading the Gilbert Adair books in order means picking up the three books the author has written in the series, his numerous standalone novels and his non fiction books.

Evadne Mount Trilogy in Order of Publication

  1. The Act of Roger Murgatroyd, 2006
  2. A Mysterious Affair of Style, 2008
  3. And Then There Was No One, 2009

Standalone Gilbert Adair Novels in Order of Publication

Screenplays in Order of Publication

Translations in Order of Publication

  • Letters by François Truffaut (editor), 1990
  • A Void by Georges Perec, 1994
  • Zazie in the Metro by Raymond Queneau, 2000 (wrote the introduction)

Non-Fiction Books in Order of Publication

Gilbert Adair Biography – About the Author

Born in 1944 in Edinburgh, Gilbert Adair lived several years between 1968 to 1980 in Paris, while during the last few years of his life, he moved to London.

He was known as a cultural observer, book critic, screenwriter, journalist, broadcaster, and an award-winning author. Over the years, he wrote articles in prestigious columns like The Sunday Times, Esquire, and Independent on Sunday.

The author was a self-defined homosexual, although he preferred to keep quiet about it. In one of the later interviews, he mentioned: “Obviously there are gay themes in a lot of my novels,” he said in a recent interview, “but I really wouldn’t be happy to be thought of as a ‘Gay Writer’ … Being gay hasn’t defined my life.”

Several of his books won awards, and his book Love and Death on Long Island has been made into a film with the same title. His book The Holy Innocents has also been turned into a movie based on a script he wrote.

He didn’t manage to finish his last work, a stage version of Love and Death on Long Island, due to his death. Love and Death on Long Island was adapted by Richard Kwietnieowski in 1997, with John Hurt playing the leading role of Giles De’ath. His novel, The Dreamers, is a film adaptation directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.

The Gilbert Adair books have been translated into over 20 languages, and they have been popular all around the world.

Gilbert Adair died on 8 December 2011 due to a brain aneurysm following a stroke one year before.

Gilbert Adair Awards and Nominations

  • Author’s Club First Novel Award for The Holy Innocents in 1968
  • Scott Moncrieff Translation Prize for A Void in 1995

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