The Hidden Light of Mexico City

The Hidden Light of Mexico City

The Hidden Light of Mexico City

by Carmen Amato Book #6 in the Emilia Cruz series (2011)

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Heir to a famous family fortune, Eduardo “Eddo” Cortez Castillo is the Mexican government’s top anti-corruption investigator.

On the eve of presidential elections, Eddo uncovers links between a ruthless cartel leaderand Mexico’s powerful Minister for Public Security. A political time bomb, fueled by blood money, begins to tick.

Luz de Maria Alba Mora is a talented artist but her dreams have been reduced to a notebook of newspaper clippings about museum exhibits and famous painters. She keeps it under the bed in the room she shares with the other maid who works for the wealthy Vega family in Mexico City.

As a housemaid, Luz de Maria is trapped on the lowest rung of Mexico’s social ladder. Her only chance for a real life may be in the United States.

Sparks fly when Luz de Maria and Eddo meet in a deliberate case of mistaken identity in front of Mexico City’s famed Tamayo Museum.

Both have secrets. Neither can afford to share the truth about themselves.

But someone is watching who will.