Hat Dance

Cliff Diver

Hat Dance

by Carmen Amato Book #2 in the Emilia Cruz series (2013)

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Terrified by her nightmares of the fire and shaken by hotel manager Kurt Rucker’s possible move, Detective Emilia Cruz and her surly new partner Franco Silvio must catch a violent arsonist before fire and protests destroy Acapulco.

At the same time, a young girl has disappeared from Emilia’s own neighborhood. Despite an already crushing workload, Emilia agrees to look for her.

Neither investigation is easy because the influence and impact of Mexico’s drug war are everywhere. The arson investigation is soon hijacked by savage political rivalries, a corrupt Vice cop, and a woman in prison who knows more than she’ll say.

But the missing girl’s trail leads to Acapulco’s famous Lucha libre fighters.

Inside the coliseum, both cases ignite into an inferno. If Emilia’s only chance to survive is to dance with the devil, will she take it?

Would you?