Writing Murder

Writing Murder

by William Kent Krueger et al

non-fiction essays
published 2023

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Fifteen successful Midwestern authors have contributed essays on the basics of writing mystery novels to this book. Writing Murder shares their insights on fiction elements: setting, characters, point of view, dialogue, plot, and research. In addition, they offer insight on the genre, how to build suspense, point of view, the circle of openings/endings, and marketing your manuscript.

Includes essays by William Kent Krueger, Jeanne Dams, Phil Dunlap, Michael Allan Dymmoch, Kit Ehrman, Terence Faherty, S.M. Harding, Libby Fischer Hellman, Dana Kaye, Beverle Graves Myers, Tony Perona, Mary Saums, Sharon Short, Barbara Shoup, Mark Richardo Zubro.

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