Will You Get The New Kindle Fire HDX Display 7″?

Last Updated on October 11, 2013

As gadgets go, Amazon is really trying to catch up with Apple in bringing out newer versions of their tablets/reading devices. I’ve just read a notification from Amazon this morning that their new Kindle Fire HDX Display 7″ is ready to ship. Apparently this is a much more modern version of their Kindle Fire eReader, with a few cool additions and enhancements.

kindle fire hdx new

The new Kindle Fire comes in 3 different models, starting from the rather frugal $139 (a HD model), one for $229 (HDX model) and a more high end eBook reader for $379 (HDX model) as starting price. I guess to read books the cheapest model works just as well, but if you want a bit of choice in your next Christmas gift shopping, the three prices can cater to any budget.

One feature that seems to put other eReaders (and even tablets) to shame is the fact that you can directly access customer support in LIVE VIDEO (yeah that’s right) to help you with any problems running the device. This new feature is called “On-device “Mayday” button + email, web, and phone”.

Now we all know how difficult customer support is usually to get hold of – from emails to phone calls (if they allow it at all), to messages and emails again..now all you need is tap a button on your screen and the geenie is there to fulfill your wish…for a great live customer support.

Some versions are already available on Amazon, while others are made available throughout October and November. I like Amazon’s timing with these new models, since people are just now getting into Christmas shopping mode, and will remain so all throughout Halloween and after. Great timing there Amazon!

One note though, the Mayday live customer support feature is only available for the HDX versions. The lower end HD version will have only email, web and phone support, just like the previous models.

Some people already said that for them it’s worth shelling out another $100 or so for the live customer support – because literally noone else has this feature yet. Now I’m just thinking of Apple…I bet they (and other competitors) will introduce this feature as well, but with the iPad tablet being as expensive already as it is (granted, it’s a tablet, not an eReader), I wonder how much more that new feature would push up prices.

That might make more people go back to eReaders rather than stick with tablets. Hm, anyway I see it, this Mayday help option is an addition that can only help Amazon, no matter how you look at it.

Now we’ll just have to see whether the customer support is indeed as good ‘live’ as it is advertised in Mayday one click button help.

I for one know that the Kindles have come a long way from their early chunky models, and now they’re really a class on their own. And something else I like is that Amazon is known for their great prices, which is pretty much unmatched overall. If you want an eBook reader that is great and that is cheap too, your first look will always be towards the various Kindle (especially Kindle Fire) models.

So what do you think, will you get the new Kindle Fire HDX Display 7″? Right now I won’t because I’m living in Europe, but once it comes to Amazon UK (and usually it’s pretty soon after it hits the shelves in the US), the bets are all off!

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  1. I probably won’t, unless something happens to my first generation Kindle Fire. 🙂 I love all of the new things they’ve put on the Kindle Fire HDX, though!

  2. I love traditional books, but we’re running out of space for them! I broke my kindle after using it a couple years, so now I just use my iPad. My mom has a Kindle Fire though, and really loves it.

  3. I like traditional books, you know the paper kind. I do not have a tablet yet, but one of these days I will invest in one. I am currently still using a small netbook with a kindle app and I do download free kindle books. But when given a choice, traditional paper books are still my favorite and I can donate them to the thrift store or sell them myself at garage sales and recycle them that way.

  4. I probably won’t get it. I have an iPad already and, if I get a new tablet, I want a fully capable pad and am considering the Surface or a full-version Android based tablet. I do love to read with my Kindle ap, though!

  5. It’s really cool for travelling & using space wisely, as we can store lots of publications; maybe I would use it more for readings related to work.. as for pleasure lectures I couldn’t give up real books.

  6. Nope, I am an Apple girl. iPad, Mac, and iphone is all that I need. I did buy my husband a kindle fire because it was on his wish list, but my real motive was to give him a tool so he would stop using my iPad. Ahhhh, now it is all mine.

  7. I’d like to get one of these eventually. Although I do prefer reading from actual books. Call me old school I guess.

  8. I tried Kindle too, but somehow, it could not match the feel of a book in my hand.
    It’s like a book remembers you too, in the folds, the smell… 🙂

    That said, the device in itself seems pretty efficient. And nice observations made too!
    Just…something I don’t think I can get used to!

    1. I do believe the same, however with over 1000 actual real books in my home, I don’t have place for any more! And considering a Kindle or any other ebook reader or tablet, for the matter, can hold literally thousands of books in the device, for some of us it’s a real space saver 🙂

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