What Are You Reading For Thanksgiving?

Turkeys Tuxes and Tabbies by Kathy DaleyA Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is an occasion that everyone in the US celebrates and with good reason. It is also a time to rest, relax and why not – read a good book.

There are many great cozies, crime, mystery and suspense novels published by authors for this very special day. Are you picking up any of these books?

Here are some great book lists with Thanksgiving as their main theme. Many cozies are all about the popular turkey as their main recipe. What are you reading for Thanksgiving?

Here is the ongoing Thanksgiving books list right here at Mystery Sequels. I am adding new Thanksgiving books as fast as they are published, to the list is constantly updated:

Thanksgiving Themed Mysteries at Mystery Sequels

The blog Mystery Fanfare has also a great Thanksgiving reading list prepared for you, all with crime fiction books. You might find something new here for your reading pleasures as well:

Mystery Fanfare Thanksgiving List

The blog Cozy Mystery has also a great Thanksgiving list of reading. Do check it out:

Cozy-Mystery Thanksgiving List

And last but not least, here is the list of mysteries for this occasion brought to you by the Flashlight Worthy blog:

Flashlight Worthy list

What are your favorite Thanksgiving mysteries that you can recommend?

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