The Silent Room

The Silent Room

by Walter Sorrells

published 2006

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Suffering his stepfather’s physical and emotional abuse, ninth-grader Oz is sent to the Briarwood School where his mistreatment continues at the hands of abusive and criminal school.

Just months after his father’s death, Oz’s mother has married a controlling, brutal man. But nothing prepares Oz for getting framed for drug possession. Or being abducted as his mother looks on. Oz soon learns the dark truth: his stepfather is behind it all. But why?

A young-adult psychological drama focusing on domestic abuse drama.
Escape is pretty much the only thing our fifteen-year-old main character thinks about after Don Guidry, a master manipulator and secretive physical abuser, marries Oz’s recently widowed mother and takes over the house. When his stepfather pushes him too much, Oz ends up in a detention facility on a tiny island (not unlike The Maz Runner’s main character) where life is harsh and very unforgiving.