Cold Trail

Cold Trail

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by Walter Sorrells as Ruth Birmingham

Book 5 in the Sunny Childs series

published 2002

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Georgia detective Sunny Childs must disguise herself to get into a ritzy women’s hunting club-and to unearth these ladies’ murderous secret.

She goes undercover to masquerade as a prospective member of the exclusive Chateau D’Or hunting lodge, a posh club for some of Atlanta’s wealthiest women, to investigate a year-old homicide at the club and to uncover the murderous secrets of a clever killer.

Once the hostage situation at the diner was over and done with, we meet once again Sunny Childs, the famous PI who this time goes undercover to find some rich ladies’ secrets about a murder that happened one year ago at that club.

The killer has still not been found, so Sunny takes it upon herself to solve the crime and unmask the killer as well, before she becomes the next victim.

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