Blind Fear

Blind Fear

by Walter Sorrells / Lynn Abercrombie

Book 2 in the Cold Case Thriller series
published 2006

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Detective MeChelle Deakes is to solve an unsolved murder. She has only one clue: a tape recording with the murderer’s voice. When MeChelle wakes up one morning, her eyes are taped shut. 

She does not know where she is – and she is not alone. What she does not know: Her retired colleague Lieutenant Hank Gooch has returned to find her. A race against time begins…

She wakes up to discover she’s blind. Worse, once she stumbles out of bed, she realizes she’s not in her own room. His partner missing, Lt. Hank Gooch looks into her most recent investigation, a case involving a young blind woman who came in to report an old, unsolved murder.

The whole book takes place in 13 hours. The characters of MeChelle and Hank did progress through this whole case, even though it’s relatively easy to figure out who the bad guy is early on.

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