Vulnerable by Mary Burton (Morgans of Nashville #4)

Vulnerable is the latest novel in the Morgans of Nashville romantic suspense series by the popular author Mary Burton.

I’ve been reading her books for the last 10 years, ever since I’m Watching You dropped into my hands. I was hooked and soon Mary Burton became one of my favorite romantic suspense authors, reading her books as fast as she published them.

As usual in most romantic suspense series, each book focuses on another member of a group or family. In this case, it’s all about the Morgans – the Morgan family.

In Vulnerable, the 4th book in the series, Georgia Morgan, the Morgan brothers’ baby sister has her own story to tell. She is working at the police station as a forensic technician.

Some 5 years ago three teenagers ventured into the woods. Only Amber Ryder returned with a case of full-blown amnesia. When Georgia is called to a cave where the body of a young woman is found, she also finds the remains of two other teenagers, which could just be the two missing kids from 5 years ago.

Now she is hell-bent on solving this old case and find out what exactly happened in the woods back then.

What she doesn’t count on is that a killer has been reactivated, one that was silent for exactly 5 years. And now he has to do whatever he can to keep the truth from ever coming out. At all costs.

When Georgia teams up with Homicide Detective Jake Bishop (who let’s say has had the hots for her for a long time now), the killer knows that his days are numbered. Unless he silences Georgia for good.

I loved this book just as much as I loved the previous ones. It is a romantic suspense novel, but it is lighter on romance, as the author is focusing more on the murder, mystery and suspense part of the story.

Lots of twists and turns abound and the red herrings are littering the pages liberally. I did think I found out what happened a few times, only to realize that nop, once again I got led by my nose in the wrong direction. This book really squashed any notion that I would ever make a good detective. Hah!

I loved the character of Georgia. We met her in every other book and she grew on me. She has a great voice and she loves to sing in a pub at night drawing men to the place like a moth is drawn to the fire.

The book was well written, but then again this is Mary Burton we are talking about. I can’t wait now to read her new novel, The Shark – the first in a new series called The Forgotten Files. Will review once I got to finish it. And that should be soon because book #2 in the new series will be out in just about a month or so.

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