Tom Clancy Books In Order – The Complete List

Last Updated on November 17, 2023

If you’re looking to start reading some of the Tom Clancy novels, you might be wondering what is the right list of the Tom Clancy books in order for his Jack Ryan series and his other related series in the Jack Ryan universe. How should you read them from the beginning to the end since almost all series are somehow interconnected?

Or if you’ve already read a few, you might be wondering what you’ve been missing out on that you should catch up on before his latest book is published. The books in each series are listed in chronological order with the publication order listed at the end of each book. If you prefer the order in which the author published them, then start with The Hunt For Red October for the Jack Ryan books and series.

So here is the chronological list of Tom Clancy’s books in reading order, including Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, and the Campus series starring operative Dominic Caruso, nephew of President Ryan, along with Jack Ryan Jr.

Do note though, that after the author’s death, several series are being continued by other authors. I will list here all the book in the series, with the co-author named next to each book that Tom Clancy did not explicitly write.

New Tom Clancy Books

Command and Control
Command and Control (Tom Clancy Universe #37), 2021

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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Universe in Publication Order

It includes the books from President of the United States Jack Ryan, his son Jack Ryan Jr / Campus, and John Clark

While each series is relatively separate from the other, there are enough overlaps between characters and events that a Universe has been created, with its distinct chronological reading order, especially after Tom Clancy’s death. Sometimes a book falls under several series, and it is rather difficult to set them apart. The entire list of reading in order of publication is below.

  1. The Hunt for Red October, 1984
  2. Patriot Games, 1987
  3. The Cardinal of the Kremlin, 1988
  4. Clear and Present Danger, 1989
  5. The Sum of All Fears, 1991
  6. Without Remorse, 1993
  7. Debt of Honor, 1994
  8. Executive Orders, 1996
  9. Rainbow Six, 1998
  10. The Bear and the Dragon, 2000
  11. Red Rabbit, 2002
  12. The Teeth Of The Tiger, 2003
  13. Dead or Alive (with Grant Blackwood), 2010
  14. Locked On (with Mark Greaney), 2011
  15. Threat Vector (with Mark Greaney), 2012
  16. Command Authority (with Mark Greaney), 2013
  17. Support and Defend (with Mark Greaney), 2014
  18. Full Force and Effect (with Mark Greaney), 2014
  19. Under Fire (with Grant Blackwood), 2015
  20. Commander-in-Chief (with Mark Greaney), 2015
  21. Duty and Honor (with Grant Blackwood), 2016
  22. True Faith and Allegiance (with Mark Greaney), 2016
  23. Point of Contact (with Mike Maden), 2017
  24. Power and Empire (with Marc Cameron), 2017
  25. Line of Sight (with Mike Maden), 2018
  26. Oath of Office, 2018
  27. Enemy Contact (with Mike Maden), 2019
  28. Code of Honor, 2019
  29. Firing Point (with Mike Maden), 2020
  30. Shadow of the Dragon (with Marc Cameron), 2020
  31. Target Acquired (with Don Bentley), 2021
  32. Chain of Command (with Marc Cameron), 2021
  33. Zero Hour (with Don Bentley), 2022
  34. Red Winter (with Marc Cameron), 2022
  35. Flash Point (with Don Bentley), 2022
  36. Weapons Grade (with Don Bentley), 2023
  37. Command and Control (with Marc Cameron), 2023
  38. Act of Defiance (with Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson), 2024

Jack Ryan Universe in Chronological Order

When it comes to the J.R. universe, the order of reading is quite different from the publication order, especially for the first several novels. Here is the second list below.

  1. Without Remorse, 1993
  2. Patriot Games, 1987
  3. Red Rabbit, 2002
  4. The Hunt for Red October, 1984
  5. Red Winter, 2022
  6. The Cardinal of the Kremlin, 1988
  7. Clear and Present Danger, 1989
  8. The Sum of All Fears, 1991
  9. Debt of Honor, 1994
  10. Executive Orders, 1996
  11. Rainbow Six, 1998
  12. The Bear and the Dragon, 2000
  13. The Teeth Of The Tiger, 2003
  14. Dead or Alive, 2010
  15. Locked On, 2011
  16. Threat Vector, 2012
  17. Command Authority, 2013
  18. Support and Defend, 2014
  19. Full Force and Effect, 2014
  20. Under Fire, 2015
  21. Commander-in-Chief, 2015
  22. Duty and Honor, 2016
  23. True Faith and Allegiance, 2016
  24. Point of Contact, 2017
  25. Power and Empire, 2017
  26. Line of Sight, 2018
  27. Oath of Office, 2018
  28. Enemy Contact, 2019
  29. Code of Honor, 2019
  30. Firing Point, 2020
  31. Shadow of the Dragon, 2020
  32. Target Acquired, 2021
  33. Chain of Command, 2021
  34. Zero Hour, 2022
  35. Flash Point, 2022
  36. Weapons Grade, 2023
  37. Command and Control, 2023
  38. Act of Defiance, 2024

Jack Ryan Novels in Publication Publication

This is the original Jack Ryan series that started the whole Universe. The novels that intersect with other series are also included here

  1. The Hunt for Red October, 1984
  2. Patriot Games, 1987
  3. The Cardinal of the Kremlin, 1988
  4. Clear and Present Danger, 1989
  5. The Sum of All Fears, 1991
  6. Debt of Honor, 1994
  7. Executive Orders, 1996
  8. The Bear and the Dragon, 2000
  9. Red Rabbit, 2002
  10. Dead or Alive, 2010
  11. Locked On, 2011
  12. Threat Vector, 2012
  13. Command Authority, 2013
  14. Full Force and Effect, 2014
  15. Commander-in-Chief, 2015
  16. True Faith and Allegiance, 2016
  17. Power and Empire, 2017
  18. Oath of Office, 2018
  19. Code of Honor, 2019
  20. Shadow of the Dragon, 2020
  21. Chain of Command, 2021
  22. Red Winter, 2022
  23. Command and Control, 2023
  24. Act of Defiance, 2024

John Clark Series in Publication Order

  1. Without Remorse, 1993
  2. Rainbow Six, 1998
  3. The Bear and the Dragon, 2000

The Campus / Jack Ryan Jr. Books in Publication Order

the Jack Ryan Jr series; Jack Ryan Sr. aka President Jack Ryan is more of a background character here. Written by Grant Blackwood, Mark Greaney, Mike Maden, Don Bentley

  1. The Teeth Of The Tiger, 2003
  2. Dead or Alive, 2010
  3. Locked On, 2011
  4. Threat Vector, 2012
  5. Command Authority, 2013
  6. Support and Defend, 2014
  7. Full Force and Effect, 2014
  8. Under Fire, 2015
  9. Duty and Honor, 2016
  10. Point of Contact, 2017
  11. Line of Sight, 2018
  12. Enemy Contact, 2019
  13. Firing Point, 2020
  14. Target Acquired, 2021
  15. Zero Hour, 2022
  16. Flash Point, 2022
  17. Weapons Grade, 2023

Tom Clancy’s Op Center Books in Publication Order

co-authored with Steve Pieczenik, Jeff Rovin, George Galdorisi, Dick Couch

  1. Op-Center, 1994
  2. Mirror Image, 1995
  3. Games of State, 1996
  4. Acts of War, 1996
  5. Balance of Power, 1998
  6. State of Siege, 1999
  7. Divide and Conquer, 2000
  8. Line of Control, 2001
  9. Mission of Honor, 2002
  10. Sea of Fire, 2003
  11. Call to Treason, 2004
  12. War of Eagles, 2005
  13. Out of the Ashes, 2014
  14. Into the Fire, 2015
  15. Scorched Earth, 2016
  16. Dark Zone, 2017
  17. For Honor, 2018
  18. Sting of the Wasp, 2019
  19. God of War, 2020
  20. The Black Order, 2021
  21. Call of Duty, 2022
  22. Fallout, 2023

Tom Clancy’s Net Force Books in Publication Order

co-authored with Steve Pietzenik, Steve Perry, Larry Segriff, Jerome Preisler

  1. Net Force, 1998
  2. Hidden Agendas, 1999
  3. Night Moves, 1999
  4. Breaking Point, 2000
  5. Point of Impact, 2001
  6. Cybernation, 2001
  7. State of War, 2003
  8. Changing of the Guard, 2003
  9. Springboard, 2005,
  10. The Archimedes Effect, 2006
  11. Dark Web, 2019
  12. Eye of the Drone, 2020
  13. Attack Protocol, 2020
  14. Kill Chain, 2021
  15. Threat Point, 2021
  16. Moving Target, 2023

Net Force Explorers Books in Publication Order

Created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, this is a spin-off young adult series of novels from the military fiction series Net Force. Authors of these books are Diane Duane, Bill McCay, Mel Odom, Mark Cerashi, John Helfers, and Russel Davis

  1. Virtual Vandals, 1998
  2. The Deadliest Game, 1998
  3. One is the Loneliest Number, 1999
  4. The Ultimate Escape, 1999
  5. The Great Race, 1999
  6. End Game, 1999
  7. Cyberspy, 1999
  8. Shadow of Honor, 2000
  9. Private Lives, 2000
  10. Safe House, 2000
  11. Gameprey, 2000
  12. Duel Identity, 2000
  13. Deathworld, 2000
  14. High Wire, 2001
  15. Cold Case, 2001
  16. Runaways, 2001
  17. Cloak and Dagger, 2002
  18. Own Goal, 2002
  19. Death Match, 2003

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Books in Publication Order

with David Michaels, Peter Telep, James Swallow

  1. Splinter Cell, 2004
  2. Operation Barracuda, 2005
  3. Checkmate, 2006
  4. Fallout, 2007
  5. Conviction, 2009
  6. Endgame, 2009
  7. Aftermath, 2013
  8. Firewall, 2022
  9. Dragonfire, 2023

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Books in Publication Order

with David Michaels, Peter Telep, Richard Dansky

  1. Ghost, Recon, 2008
  2. Combat Ops, 2011
  3. Choke Point, 2012
  4. Dark Waters, 2017

Tom Clancy’s The Division Books in Publication Order

with Alex Irvine, Thomas Parrott

  1. New York Collapse, 2016
  2. Broken Dawn, 2019
  3. Recruited, 2022
  4. Compromised, 2022
  5. Hunted, 2024

Power Play Series in Publication Order

with Martin Greenberg, Jerome Preisler

  1. Politika, 1997
  2., 1998
  3. Shadow Watch, 1999
  4. Bio-Strike, 2000
  5. Cold War, 2001
  6. Cutting Edge, 2002
  7. Zero Hour, 2003
  8. Wild Card, 2004

Tom Clancy’s EndWar Books in Publication Order

with David Michaels, Peter Telep

  1. EndWar, 2008
  2. The Hunted, 2011
  3. The Missing, 2013

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. Books in Publication Order

Commanders Non-Fiction Books in Publication Order

  1. Into the Storm, 1997
  2. Every Man a Tiger, 1999
  3. Shadow Warriors, 2002
  4. Battle Ready, 2004

Military Reference Non-Fiction Books in Publication Order

Standalone Novels in Publication Order

Tom Clancy Anthologies

Tom Clancy Biography – About the Author

Tom Clancy
RIP Tom Clancy

I’ve decided to write this post because even after the author’s death, several other authors continued to write the books under his franchise, so, thankfully, the series is not dead! Also, there are several series that are interconnected and are part of the same universe, and often keeping the series separate is not so easy unless you have read all books (which I have).

The truth is, Tom Clancy is the author that brought the military thriller genre to my house. It was The Hunt for Red October which was later turned into a movie (that I still adore as well) the first book I read by this author.

And incidentally, it is the first Tom Clancy book written as well. This is when his literary career began, in 1984. I still consider this book one of his best overall, despite the many novels he has put out so far. This book is included in the Jack Ryan book series that is really his most popular work (at least in my opinion) of all fiction writings. After reading it (and watching the movie as well), I went on searching for reading all the rest of the Tom Clancy books in order.

New York Times bestselling author Tom Clancy is considered a legend among crime-fiction, thriller, military, and spy-thriller writers and readers alike.

He was born in an Irish-American family as Thomas Leo Clancy Jr in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1947, during the pre-Cold War times, so it’s not a big surprise that most of his novels are spy thrillers. In 1969, he graduated from Loyola College in Baltimore. He grew up in the Northwood neighborhood in northeast Baltimore. Before writing books, he was quite a successful insurance agent in Hartford, Connecticut. Next, in 1973, Clancy joined the O. F. Bowen Agency, which was owned by his wife’s grandfather. It took him a few years, but in 1980 he purchased said agency, and while still working there, he started writing books in his spare time. In 1980, he started writing his debut novel, which was then published two years later, in 1984.

The Tom Clancy novels have been called military thrillers, spy novels, techno-thrillers, political thrillers, simply thrillers, and so many more. This just shows how many genres his books can encompass, how many people it has touched, and how many worlds it has reached.

Command Authority

Tom Clancy has written 18 fictional books with the last one, Command Authority, released 2013. Sadly this was to be his last novel ever written by him directly. Even this book was, however, co-authored with Mark Greaney. His books have been all bestsellers, and over 100 million copies of his books have been sold over the years.

There are, additionally, further books written in his name, in series such as Jack Ryan, Jack Ryan Jr, Op-Center, Net Force, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and several others. However, most of the Tom Clancy stories are in the J.R. universe, with only 2, Red Storm Rising and Against All Enemies being standalone novels. The second book would have become the first in a new series featuring Max Moore, however, the second book Search and Destroy was canceled, which makes Against All Enemies a standalone novel.

If you haven’t picked them up yet, they are well worth reading. Beware, though, they are huge books, and I mean that literally. Each book has several hundred pages, and some are really really long. So you will be a truly happy camper if you enjoy reading long novels that you don’t want them ever to end. I thoroughly enjoy military thrillers / political thrillers with heavy military detail, and Tom Clancy is right up there with the best.

The J.R. universe is huge, and there are a few books that are separate from this universe, like his Net Force series, Net Force Explorers books, the Power Play series, the Ghost Reckon Universe series, EndWar series, and the one book in the H.A.W.X Universe.

So to answer the so-often-asked question: will there be more Jack Ryan books? Thankfully, yes, Tom Clancy’s legacy continues with authors like Grant Blackwood, Mark Cameron, Don Bentley, and Mike Maden. If you’re asking in what order to read the books, the lists above have covered pretty much all his and his successors’ novels.

In 2018, Tom Clancy’s main character, came to the big screen. John Krasinski was cast as Jack Ryan in the new Amazon TV series, which aired its pilot episode end of August of the same year based on the popular ryanverse. Currently, the TV show has two seasons (2018 and 2019 respectively), with the season 3 release date being the end of 2022.

Tom Clancy Books Adapted to Movies Released To Date

So far, the Tom Clancy movies that have been released to date are:

  • The Hunt for Red October, 1990, with Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery
  • Patriot Games, 1992, with Harrison Ford
  • Clear and Present Danger, 1994, with Harrison Ford
  • Netforce, 1999, with Scott Bakula and Kris Kristofferson
  • The Sum of All Fears, 2004, with Ben Affleck
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, 2014, with Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner
  • Without Remorse, 2021, with Michael B. Jordan

Tom Clancy’s Brand Name

Additionally, under Tom Clancy’s brand name we also have the following Tom Clancy video games:

  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint 
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands 
  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier 
  • Ghost Recon 
  • Rainbow Six Siege 
  • The Division 
  • The Division 2
  • Tom Clancy’s EndWar
  • XDefiant (TBA)

In 2016 the lovers of The Division games had the pleasure of seeing the first in so-far a two-book series, titled New York Collapse. In 2019, a second book was released under Broken Dawn.

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  1. Why isn’t “Shadow Recruit” in the list? … it is how Jack Ryan was recruited into the CIA and got started operationally, not only as an analyst. (I did not read all 87 posted comments, perhaps this was covered).

    1. Because Shadow Recruit is a movie, not a book, and not a direct adaptation of any Tom Clancy novel, but an original story.

  2. I have been listening to all of the Jack Ryan and Campus books on Audio as I do not have the time to read them so I listen while driving my Truck. Do you know the reason that the latest one Under Fire is not available on Audible?

  3. Bear and The Dragon IS a Jack Ryan book. Odd that you misplaced it. John Clark (Kelley) has a bit part.
    It’s a shame that big budgets prohibit filming the novel.

    1. The reason I didn’t place him in the main series is because while Jack has a big part in the book, his role is just one in the Jack Ryan universe. The focus is not on him entirely. When I read the book some years ago I felt that John Clark and his team played a much bigger role somehow. But yeah you are also right, it can easily be classified as a Jack Ryan novel.

  4. So I know this is a old post but I just finished Executive Orders. It took me a while to get hooked on it unlike any of the others. My question is and I’m sure it’s been asked already is which book should I read next? You have Command Authority as next but down below you have the Bear and The Dragon listed as Jack Ryan #9. I was reading on another site and they had Rainbow Six as the next book. I am trying to read them in order chronologically. Thanks for any help

    1. Command Authority is next if you’re looking for the Jack Ryan series. Rainbow Six is part of the John Clark series, and comes right before The Bear And The Dragon.

      1. I’m looking for overall chronological order. Like the first book I read was Without Remorse which only shows JR a little bit but it’s mainly about JC.

  5. Thanks for the list. I read some of his earlier works years agoa and last year got into a kick and read everything in order as you listed. Thanks for that. The Jack Ryan Series was awesome and the Campus Series were exciting. I do hope that Tom Clancys works continue on throughout the yars with new events similar to that of todays events as well as those in the future.

  6. Wasn’t there a book Clancy did about UFO’s? Maybe Atlantis or something in that genre….

  7. I have read all of the Jack SR/JR/John Clark novels and have enjoyed every one. I would like to know if Search And Destroy will ever be released.

  8. Hi, just started re-reading Patriot games and noticed that even though you state that this is the Jack Ryan Story #1 because it takes place in 1981 in Chapter 18 – Lights, there is a paragraph that states:
    “From a high of fifty-one terrorist incidents in 1982, the number had been slashed to seven in 1985. The Bureau had managed to run down many of these amateurish groups, preventing more than twenty incidents the previous year, with good intelligence followed by quick action.”
    Appreciate the help to put series in order, but is your order effectively correct?
    Again thanks,


  9. You have to read the rest of the books (op center, ghost recon, net force). they are all just as well written and engaging as the ryan books……

  10. Thanks for the list. I was wondering about some of the sequences and if i have the books in order. However i should mention that “aplinter cell” and “iocenter” are Tom clancy novel series that are not on your list. i presume that they they were written under tom clancy as a “brand” by different authors. probably would be good for the publisher to create an all inclusive list.

    1. Splinter Cell is not written by Tom Clancy, but by Raymond Benson, based on a computer games series with the same name, which Tom Clancy gave his blessing to. I only listed here book written by the author himself. Not quite sure what iocenter is though.

  11. It was missing a best friend when I heard Mr Clancy had passed on.
    I have read all of his books as well as the books that were co-written, I found them all interging.
    I have not found another author that Intirgus me as much as Mr. Clancy
    I do hope that one of is co-authors will step up and continue his novels


  12. I have read the entire Op Center series!! Great reads you need to check them out also every one of his “Ryan ” books were great as well.

  13. thank you for getting this list together! I want to start at the beginning and work my way thru all of his books. I have already read some, and seen all the movies and have enjoyed them.

  14. Please continue on with Jack Ryan and the Campus, I absolutely love these books. Tom Clancy will be sorely missed!

  15. Does the character Melanie Kraft ( Jack Jr’s girlfriend) in “Threat Vector” ever get revived? If so, in which book that she come back?

  16. I have read almost all the Jack Ryan series, now I am almost finish with his Command Authority then I will have to look for the Defend and Support then the last one which is the Full force and Effect.

    I love all these book. I happened to read first the Clear and Present Danger and I was fascinated with the actions and thrills that it gives me so I started to search all his books and one by one I bought.

    Now, I am really thrilled about his son and the campus hopefully the ghost writer or Mark Greaney will continue this book. Really addicting.

  17. I really recommend the Net Force series. They combine action, suspence, humor, and everyday life. Every time I get another book I go back and reread the others first.

  18. I have read all of the Clancy novels and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each one. I am trying to catch up on the Jack Ryan Jr. series, which promise to be as captivating as the Jack Ryan series (Sr. – President) . Just recently saw the Jack Ryan Jr. movie Shadow Recruit, but I have not been able to find the book. I will locate it and read it.

  19. Many years ago, I read a few of the Jack Ryan books, but with the advent of the Kindle, I decided to read all the Jack Ryan books in chronological order. Just finished the last.
    Took almost 18 months, but they were fantastic. I can not wait for others to follow on “Full Force and Effect” and also “Support and Defend”.
    In the mean time, I will start reading the other “non-Jack Ryan” Clancy books.
    What a great writer, in the class of Wilbur Smith!!
    May he RIP

  20. I have read almost all of his books and loved them all. I am now in the process of reading to few that I have missed.

    If you should like Tom Clancy you should like the additional novels, I actually have read most of them, so I can comment on them, including his OP-Center series (12 books), Net Force Universe series (10 books), Netforce Explorers Universe (18 books), the Power Play series (8 books), the Ghost Reckon Universe series (3 books), EndWar series (4 books), and the one book in the H.A.W.X Universe. If you have read any of these books, let me know if they are good and I’ll pick them up as well.

    Read them in order or they will miss a lot of the story.

  21. Happy Memories of sitting on assorted Greek beaches/Greek (smooth!) rocks, with feet in the sea, with my lovely wife fetching a cold lager every hour! Now retired, I’d thought about re-reading the lot – then, out of the blue, my darling wife died, so in memory of those halcyon days on Greek beaches, and in memory of her efforts on my behalf over (almost) 50 years, I’m well on my way to the task – make that pleasure.
    I came here to find the next one in chronological order after Executive Orders – now I know, thanks! To my mind ‘Debt’ and ‘Exec’ were totally brilliant. Can’t put down books.
    So RIP Tom and Marian, and deep gratitude to the both of you.

  22. Thanks for the list. Sorry, I have all the hardback books with the dust covers. Yes, no bookshelf space left. But the collection is complete. I understand Kindle is ok. But old school is the best, Sit down on a rainy day and lose yourself in the writing and the intrigue, His stories and characters were real!! We will miss him RIP Sir.

  23. I’ve been a tom clancy fan for some time. I’ve read many, but not all, of his works. I especially enjoyed rainbow six and the jack Ryan series.
    I’m sadden at his passing and will surely be disappointed if his works aren’t carried on.
    Looking forward to the latest novel and still working my way through the list.
    Why do the good go so soon?
    Be at peace brother tom you’re truly missed.

    Semper Fi

  24. I wanted to purchase all the Jack Ryan series on kindle, but very few Tom Clancy novels are available on kindle! To say I was extremely surprised is an understatement!

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