The Vault by Boyd Morrison (Tyler Locke #2)

The Vault is the second book in the Tyler Lock series by Boyd Morrison. I picked it up right after finishing with The Ark because I didn’t want to lose the thread on this series. I really enjoyed reading about Tyler and in fact I was curious to see whether there is a future with him and Dilara together – alas there isn’t, at least not in this second installment.

Here we find Tyler faced with an extremely tough decision. His relationship with his father is more than strained, to put it mildly, yet he now has to risk his life – literally – for him. In the same boat is Stacey Benedict, a classics professor who is given the ultimatum to work with Tyler to find King Midas no less, else his kidnapped sister will become more than simply kidnapped. Orr, the villain in this novel has blackmailed Tyler and Stacy into finding an ancient tomb of King Midas no less if they want to see their loved ones alive again.

Of course neither Tyler nor Stacey believe that they can find King Midas, afterall isn’t it just a legend?

“But the Midas Touch? It was ridiculous. Everyone knew it was a myth about the corrupting power of greed”

Yet here they are both of them, helped by Tyler’s best friend, Grant Westfield, trying to solve the riddle of what it is the myth of King Midas – as based on the person who has all the trump cards he has actually seen the body along with the gold in tomb hidden in a subterranean corridor in Italy.

I really enjoyed reading this novel, just as much as I loved reading The Ark. Tyler manages to not only make the best of almost impossible situations but also brings to life ancient myths and implausible happenings.

I also enjoyed the references to Archimedes who wrote the ancient code which makes up the map for finding the golden treasure.

The only thing I was a bit disappointed was the fact that Dilara was no longer present, and now Tyler had to work with yet another intelligent and beautiful woman to help save his father as well as her sister. Hunk much?

All in all, this book is a beautiful example of a mix between a modern Indiana Jones, Dan Brown and Brad Meltzer infused with the author’s own talent for keeping us at the edge of our seat while reading.

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  1. I love this book so far! Boyd’s writing style has brought me on a journey throughout the novel. Although I haven’t read the whole book yet it is still a great novel. 😀

  2. This is perfect! I read “The Ark” and found Morrison’s writing style to be electric, despite my initial thoughts that the book would be just like any other thriller. Thank you for sharing your well written thoughts about his newest release! That I work at a bookstore makes this review extra helpful as I have things to share with customers. I may have to get this book, pronto! 🙂

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