The Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Amazon TV Series Coming in 2018

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan

I’m so excited! I love the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series. I have been reading the books from the very first one, Patriot Games, many years ago, and still love it even after several other authors like Marc Cameron, Grant Blackwood, and Mark Greaney took over the series when Tom Clancy passed away. So I’ve been following the news since 2015 about a new TV series which was in production to be released sometime in the future. And finally, the production has concluded and now the first teasers of the series are out. The actor to play Jack Ryan is John […] Read more »

Grimm: The Killing Time by Tim Waggoner (Grimm Novel Series #3)

Grimm novel

The Killing Time is the third book in the Grimm novelized series based on the popular TV show with the same name. I haven’t read the first two books and I picked this one up when Grimm ended for the season, to have something to keep me going until the new season returned. I love Grimm, I love Nick Burkhardt and his human and wesen friends, and I was hoping that the book would keep me entertained enough to forget that Grim was not on. And I have to say, for the most part it did. The story apparently takes […] Read more »

Harry Bosch TV Pilot Gets The Greenlight For A Full Season

Bosch Titus Welliver

Remember where I’ve been talking about the new Harry Bosch pilot based on some of Michael Connelly’s books? Well, we’ve been all eagerly anticipating the release of a full season, although we were never sure whether it would happen. Everyone who watched the pilot for free on Amazon was urged to review it on the Amazon site and write a note whether we liked it as much as to want it to become a full fledged TV series. Well, guess what: it happened: just yesterday it was announced by Amazon in a press release that Harry Bosch would be indeed […] Read more »

Review: Bosch Pilot On Amazon

Bosch pilot with Titus Welliver

I think everyone’s main question when watching the free Amazon pilot for the new TV series called Bosch was – how well do the books by Michael Connelly translate to the TV screen? I was one of them and to be honest, my hopes were not very high, considering many TV series that have been made from books totally deviated from the written word. Titus Welliver as Bosch (screen capture from the show) Much to my surprise, however, the pilot that is available on Amazon from February 6 to be watched for free, nailed pretty much everything related to the […] Read more »

Harry Bosch Books To Be Made Into TV Series For Amazon Studios

Titus Welliver

Amazon Studios has just announced that Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch books will be made into a TV series and the actor who will play Harry Bosch will be none other than Titus Welliver, who has played in TV series such as Lost, White Collar, Touch, Grimm, The Good Wife, Argo and several others. The TV drama series called Bosch will feature the LAPD homicide detective pursuing the killer of a 13 old teen boy, while at the same time having to battle in federal court accusations that he murdered a suspected serial killer in cold blood. Amazon Instant Video will host the […] Read more »