Mosaics by E. E. Giorgi (Track Presius #2)

Mosaics by E E Giorgi

Mosaics is the second book in the Track Presius crime mystery series by the author E. E. Giorgi. I have already read and reviewed the first book, so I was delighted when the author send me the second one over the email with a request to review it as well. The story picks up some time after the first one. This time Track (Ulysses)  has given up on working with the police and is doing PI stuff by himself. Of course he doesn’t miss the police work and his buddies, including Satish, at all, or at least so he tells […] Read more »

Chimeras by E.E. Giorgi (Track Presius #1)

Chimeras by E E Giorgi

Chimeras is the first book in the Track Presius series by E. E. Giorgi. It is also the author’s debut novel. I received the book from the author with a request to read and review, and as it is a first in a new series, which means that I don’t have to read any previous ones to catch up to, I was happy to. I do have to put the negative right up front: after a few pages, I almost gave up on the book. I was reading and not understanding what I was reading. I put the book down and […] Read more »