5 Popular Psychological Thriller Books Worth Reading

Befoore I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson

The psychological thriller books have as focus the mental state of the main characters and what the actions of one impacts another. These novels are really not so much about action or detectives solving crimes, but more about drama and mystery overall with the suspense coming from the mind, rather than from physical hurt. The main protagonists in these must read psychological thriller books will not use force, physical clues or typical police procedures to solve the crimes, but their mental strength, understanding and ability to solve puzzles and overpower the bad guys who are usually emotionally unstable. When you […] Read more »

10 Hot Mystery Books New Releases For September 2013

If you’re looking for something new to read, how about these 10 new hot and chilling mysteries to start this September? I can’t believe summer is over, it’s gone way too soon  if you ask me. I loved reading tons of new books throughout the summer, which I’m busy reviewing them on the site, and it’s already September! A friend told me that she spends every summer reading but she just doesn’t see autumn as a reading season. Why not, I asked her? Because she never finds anything good to read this time, as most authors are busy bringing their […] Read more »

Everyone Lies by A.D.Garrett (DI Kate Simms #1)

Everyone Lies

I’ve been introduced to Everyone Lies, the first book in the DI Kate Simms series through Goodreads, a friend just finished reading it and I saw her review on my feed. Her review was 4 stars, so I decided to check it out. At the time Amazon had it only in Kindle format, it was that new, however I bought it on the spot and read it. And it blew me away. Now the DI Kate Simms series by A.D.Garrett consists at the moment of one book only, called Everyone Lies. On Amazon, it is not even listed as part of […] Read more »