Clinical Trials by Daniel Steven

Clinical Trials by Daniel Steven

Clinical Trials by Daniel Steven is a surprisingly good legal thriller from the late 1990s. I used to read legal mysteries and thrillers back in the day, but then my tastes changed a bit and I haven’t read a book in this genre in quite some time. As I’ve been reading lots of books on my iPad the last few months, I’ve decided to tackle some of my paperback books as well and I picked Clinical Trial because I liked the cover, hoping for a good medical thriller. Much to my surprise, while it was taking place in the medical […] Read more »

Sweet Dreams by Aaron Patterson (Mark Appleton Thriller #1)

Sweet Dreams by Aaron Patterson

Sweet Dreams by Aaron Patterson is a book I read earlier this year while on holiday visiting my parents abroad. It’s been a few months since I actually read it, but I do remember it making a strong impression on me. The first book in the Mark Appleton Thriller series, follows Mark, a regular guy with a good job in the true American style, who loses his wife and kid in a senseless bombing that happens just the time they enter the supermarket. Mark is also injured, but he does escape his family’s fate. In a single freak moment Mark’s […] Read more »

The Deadliest Game by Hal Ross

The Deadliest Game by Hal Ross

Imagine having to choose between your own child and 25000 other people, with many kids among them. Who should live and who should die? This is the premise of The Deadliest Game by Hal Ross, a book which I have received with a request to read and review on my blog after having mentioned it as a new entrance in the new mystery books for November this year. At 344 pages it seemed liked a fast read, and let’s face it with a premise like this, how could I pass up the chance to discover a new author while reading a […] Read more »

The Last Clinic by Gary Gusick (Darla Cavannah Mystery #1)

The Last Clinic

The Last Clinic by Gary Gusick (the first in the Darla Cavannah Mystery series) is one of the best books that I’ve read this year coming from an author who doesn’t have too many books under his belt. When I was perusing last week the virtual bookshelf at NetGalley for something new to read, this title caught my attention, not in the least because it is the first book in a mystery series. I hate to read a book that is part of a series where I haven’t read the previous books, and I was glad to see that I didn’t […] Read more »

The Tenth Saint by D.J. Niko (The Sarah Weston Chronicles #1)

The Tenth Saint

I’ve recently read The Tenth Saint by D.J. Niko, the first in the Sarah Weston Chronicles series, and I decided to review it since I’m picking up soon the second book in the series, called The Riddle of Solomon, a book that was published in July this year. I’ve read The Tenth Saint this June, so it’s still fresh in my memory. I picked up this book because I was (and still am) on an archaeological mystery/adventure and hidden secrets types of books kick, and at the same time was also reading the James Rollins Sigma Series, so this book fit […] Read more »

Sacrifice by Paul Finch (DS Heckenburg #2)

Sacrifice by Paul Finch

I got myself Sacrifice by Paul Finch (the second novel in the DS Heckenburg series) right after Stalkers since it was already published and the Kindle version only cost a few dollars so it was a steal. I was curious to see about the new grizzly and horrific cases that Heck would have to tackle in this new book. And I was not disappointed, not one bit. In fact I can easily say that I loved this book even more than the first one (hence the 5 start rating). Now I might be biased because I really love reading about hardcore […] Read more »

The Vault by Boyd Morrison (Tyler Locke #2)

The Vault is the second book in the Tyler Lock series by Boyd Morrison. I picked it up right after finishing with The Ark because I didn’t want to lose the thread on this series. I really enjoyed reading about Tyler and in fact I was curious to see whether there is a future with him and Dilara together – alas there isn’t, at least not in this second installment. Here we find Tyler faced with an extremely tough decision. His relationship with his father is more than strained, to put it mildly, yet he now has to risk his […] Read more »

Stalkers by Paul Finch (DS Heckenburg #1)

I didn’t know what to expect from Stalkers by Paul Finch, especially considering that some Goodreads reviewers didn’t rate it very high (that teaches me to NOT read reviews before actually reading the book), but when I finished the novel I had to sit for a while and think. The premise is short of fantastic – imagine a team that knows your darkest secret and deepest desire and can (and will) fulfill this wish – for a price. Imagine you’re there, with your wish fulfilled and you suddenly realize it’s the worst thing it could have happened to you – […] Read more »