Elusive by Sara Rosett (On The Run #1)

Elusive by Sara Rosett

Elusive is the first book in the On The Run mystery series by the author Sara Rosett. One day while browsing the free Kindle books section at Amazon, I came across the book, liked the description and downloaded it along with a couple of other freebies that are still on my TBR shelf. The story centers around Zoe Hunter, a rather poor freelancer (proof reads travel books) who also walks neighbors’ dogs to earn a bit extra money. This doesn’t stop her from enjoying life as much as she can, being content with how things are at the moment. She […] Read more »

Command Authority by Tom Clancy (Jack Ryan Series #9)

Command Authority by Tom Clancy

When I started reading Command Authority by Tom Clancy, I did so with a heavy heart, knowing that the author has passed away just recently and this book will forever be his last. However, I was looking forward to a long read (all Tom Clancy novels are quite long, and this one doesn’t disappoint at over 700 pages) and a fun read at that. I’ve read the previous books in the Jack Ryan series, so I was caught up with the latest one, which is book #9. It is also book #6 in the Jack Ryan junior series – see […] Read more »