7 Halloween Mystery Books That Are Not Cozies

Halloween mysteries

Let’s face it, most Halloween mystery books are cozies. I could list over 100 books either set at Halloween or with a Halloween / ghost story theme that are light mysteries fit for the whole family to read around those days of festivity. Finding serious crime mystery series and standalone thrillers and detective novels set at Halloween is, however, not so easy. I did manage to get several though, and in the process also widened a bit more my TBR (to be read) shelf, because why not. More books only mean more happiness. Without further ado, here are a few of […] Read more »

Halloween Mystery Books Released In 2014

Mary the summoning

2014 has so far has some great Halloween mystery books just in time for the super fun and spooky holidays. From cozy mysteries to thrillers and horrors, everyone can find something that they enjoy. A favorite genre, a favorite author or the sampling of a new story altogether. I hope you enjoy the new Halloween books that I put together for you. I already have several on my TBR list. A Biscuit, a Casket by Liz Mugavero The 2nd book in the Pawsitively Organic Mysteries (published April 1)  is a fun cozy mystery focusing on Kristan “Stan” Connor with her new […] Read more »

7 Ghost Stories And Spooky Novels For Halloween

Delias Shadow by Jayme Lee Moyer

While ghost stories and haunting spooky novels are especially popular around Halloween, they are loved by supernatural aficionados pretty much all year long. We don’t celebrate Halloween much in Europe, but for me spooky ghost stories are some of my most favorite books to read (except mysteries and thrillers). I have already listed here 5 scary books to read for Halloween, however personally I know I could read much more than only 5… don’t you? So let’s see what new books have authors of mystery written in 2013  that are all about ghosts, hauntings and a spooky atmosphere. Here are 7 […] Read more »

5 Scary Books To Read This Halloween

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Here is a list of 5 scary books to read this Halloween. These are horror books with a purpose: to scare you, creep you out and put you right in the Halloween mood for celebrating this awesome holiday. I love reading horror stories, stories with zombies, stories with vampires, haunted stories and generally those that you don’t (or you do!) want to read in the dark without having all lights on in the house. While usually horror novels are not so much my thing (I’m usually more into mysteries, thrillers, suspense, even when it’s about creepy serial killer), but this […] Read more »