Are You A Seasonal Reader?

The Last Noel by Heather Graham

I love getting books in the post and today it was a great day because I got one! While I do buy most of my books on the Kindle (or as other type eBooks), I like now and then to have the feel of a real book in my hands – especially if it’s a hardcover book. The book I got today in the post is The Last Noel by Heather Graham in hardcover edition. I like this author of romantic suspense novels and while this book is not her latest one, it’s one that I haven’t read before. I’ve […] Read more »

Do You Finish Every Book You Start?

my many books

A few days ago a friend of mine came to visit and when she saw the many books I’ve accumulated on my various shelves since the last time she was here, she asked me “Do you finish every book you start? When will you get through all these books in your house?” Actually this is a question that many real book readers are struggling with regularly (including me). Now there are really two camps about this: one who has to finish a book once started, no matter how bad the book turns out to be, and the other who only […] Read more »

Are You Reading More Than One Book At A Time?

reading cat

Are you reading more than one book at a time? This is the question a friend asked me on Facebook just recently, and I thought it’s quite a good topic for a blog post. I have a feeling that real bookworms who have a true passion for reading will read more than one book at a time. Now I don’t mean literally reading more books at the same time, but having started several books and reading a bit of each depending on the mood. It’s like we try to read as many books as possible in as short time as […] Read more »

How Many Books Have You Read In Your Life?

The Three Musketeers

So how many books have you read in your life? This is a question I’ve seen posted on the site and this got me thinking…indeed I’m a bookworm, book lover, book enthusiast and book hoarder – I have close to 2000 books – mixed paperbacks and hardcover books in my home, not to mention the many ebooks I keep buying. *sigh* I’m such a lost cause! So let’s see, if I just take 100 books read in a year (and trust me, some years I’ve read way more than that), considering that I started to read books regularly at the […] Read more »

Read The Book Or Watch The Movie First

The Mortal Instruments box set

To read the book or watch the movie first? This is one of those questions that comes up over and over again when a movie comes out that was made based on a book (or book series). It’s always interesting to discuss this with other book lovers, as the opinions varies. Heck there are even people who say they never want to watch the movie – or they’re only watching movies and not reading the books at all. Btw this can be easily applied to TV series as well that are made based on books. Personally I love reading first […] Read more »