Isia’s Secret by Ray Stone (Enda Osin #1)

Isia'S Secret by Ray Stone

When the author, Ray Stone, contacted me to read and review his latest book Isia’s Secret, I didn’t know what to expect. He did mention though that part of the story takes place in Cyprus, and even when it doesn’t, the island of Cyprus is prominent within the entire book. This definitely got my attention because Cyprus is the island where I’ve been living for the last 18 years since I moved here to my husband from other parts of Europe, so I agreed to read it as I truly got curious about it. It did take me a while to […] Read more »

King and Maxwell by David Baldacci (Sean King and Michelle Maxwell #6)

King and Maxwell Baldacci

King and Maxwell is the 6th in the Sean King & Michelle Maxwell political thriller series by David Baldacci. In fact, it is also the latest book written by the author so far, and having just read the book that I got from NetGalley to read and review, I can honestly say that Baldacci hasn’t lost his touch. Many authors show signs of burn-out after having written half a dozen books, but reading the David Baldacci books in order even after his 26th novel, the story, the setting and character development are as fresh as in his very first book, Absolute […] Read more »