Easter Mystery Books

Easter mystery novels

While reading your crime novels over the years I’m sure you’ve come across various Easter mystery books and you might have even noticed that most of these holiday-themed mysteries are in fact cozies. But then again cozies dominate pretty much every major public holiday across the world, with books ranging from Christmas mysteries, to Valentine’s Day mysteries, books for Easter, for Halloween and of course turkey day as well (Thanksgiving Day). Some of the reasons why cozy mysteries abound is because these holidays are times when the whole family gathers together and it is also a chance for crimes to […] Read more »

15 Upcoming 2014 New Titles In Popular Mystery Series

Unlucky 13 by James Patterson

While I enjoy reading standalone novels, mystery series are still my favorite types of books, because the characters, settings and plots have a continuity to them that a stand alone novel can’t offer. Just the other day I was curious to see what new books authors that I love are releasing in 2014 in some of their popular series, so I got my pen and paper and got jotting down new books to read this year. As I went along checking for authors and books, I have compiled this list of books I’m looking forward to reading. I came up […] Read more »

Start A New Series With The First Book For A New Read

Double Whammy by Gretchen Archer

If you like mystery series, there is always plenty of new books to read, especially if you’ve just finished the last book in a popular series and you’re looking for something new to start. Cozying up with a great book this holidays is a wonderful way to get familiar with a new author or come across a new series by a popular mystery writer. To wrap up the year, here are a few books in series to browse through based on books I’ve read and reviewed on this blog throughout 2013. Maybe you will find your next favorite series to […] Read more »

10 Hot Mystery Books New Releases For September 2013

If you’re looking for something new to read, how about these 10 new hot and chilling mysteries to start this September? I can’t believe summer is over, it’s gone way too soon  if you ask me. I loved reading tons of new books throughout the summer, which I’m busy reviewing them on the site, and it’s already September! A friend told me that she spends every summer reading but she just doesn’t see autumn as a reading season. Why not, I asked her? Because she never finds anything good to read this time, as most authors are busy bringing their […] Read more »

Stalkers by Paul Finch (DS Heckenburg #1)

I didn’t know what to expect from Stalkers by Paul Finch, especially considering that some Goodreads reviewers didn’t rate it very high (that teaches me to NOT read reviews before actually reading the book), but when I finished the novel I had to sit for a while and think. The premise is short of fantastic – imagine a team that knows your darkest secret and deepest desire and can (and will) fulfill this wish – for a price. Imagine you’re there, with your wish fulfilled and you suddenly realize it’s the worst thing it could have happened to you – […] Read more »

Reading Books In Order

I’ve often wondered how people go about reading the books in a series: do they read the books in order or out of order, as they happen to get them. Personally I’m a stickler for reading books in order and I’ll tell you why. Usually a book series has one or more main protagonists who are interacting with other characters, are developing from story to story and basically they grow over time just like in real life. I like to see this character development. Stand alone novels don’t get much into this aspect, simply because how much character development you […] Read more »