Do You Love A Good Mystery?

mystery books from my shelf

I’ve been reading mystery books for as long as I can remember. Back at home, in Transylvania (Dracula’s country as some might put it, lol) we used to have two huge bookshelves in the living room wall to wall and while one of them was full of her specialty books (she was a maths and physics teacher), the other shelf was full of mystery novels. Back in the day all the mystery books had one name on the cover (as publisher): Enigma. I guess it was quite fitting too. Before I knew it,  I read all my mom’s ‘Enigma’ books, […] Read more »

Fiction Book Authors Who Died In 2013

This is a list of all the fiction book authors who died in 2013. Many well known names are among them, including popular authors such as Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Jack Vance, Seamus Heaney, Elmore Leonard and Tom Sharpe, among others. The world lost important literature gems with their passing. James Herbert (April 08, 1943 – March 20, 2013) wrote 19 horror novels that have become very popular all over the world, with them being translated in over 33 languages.  His books included: The Rats, The Fog, The Survivor, Fluke, The Spear, Lair, The Dark, The Jonah, Shrine, Domain, Moon, The […] Read more »

The Fascination With Archaeological Mysteries

On the surface, archaeological mystery novels are not as popular and as widespread as, say, spy thrillers, romantic suspense, or paranormal mysteries. However if you really start to look closer at what authors have been publishing for years now, you’ll notice a constant trend of writing mysteries involving archaeology in one way or another. Even novels that seemingly don’t have much with the theme of archaeology and digging the dirt for clues have in fact a lot of the elements of what makes a great archaeological mystery what it is. Also, if you think about it, how could it not […] Read more »