Easter Mystery Books

Easter mystery novels

While reading your crime novels over the years I’m sure you’ve come across various Easter mystery books and you might have even noticed that most of these holiday-themed mysteries are in fact cozies. But then again cozies dominate pretty much every major public holiday across the world, with books ranging from Christmas mysteries, to Valentine’s Day mysteries, books for Easter, for Halloween and of course turkey day as well (Thanksgiving Day). Some of the reasons why cozy mysteries abound is because these holidays are times when the whole family gathers together and it is also a chance for crimes to […] Read more »

Valentine’s Day Themed Mystery Books

The Broken Hearts Club by Ethan Black

While Valentine’s Day themes mystery books are not as popular as, say, Christmas themed mysteries, they do make great gifts for Valentine’s Day for any book lover who enjoys reading a good whodunit, along with the usual heart shaped gifts, mugs and sweets that is customary to give for this love inspired occasion. Since it is about Valentine, cupid and love, most of the mystery novels with this theme are cozies, which is pretty understandable and expected due to the romantic theme surrounded by some well placed poisonous arrows. Here are my picks from love themed murder mysteries for your […] Read more »