Looking Good Dead by Peter James (Roy Grace #2)

Looking Good Dead by Peter James

Looking Good Dead is the second book in the Roy Grace series by the British author Peter James. I’ve recently started with the series, reading the first book, Dead Simple (review here) and I got hooked on it right away. In this second book, Tom Bryce, a regular salesman, is on the train (heading from home to work and back) when he notices a CD laying on an empty seat which was just vacated by a rather obnoxious and annoying guy. Tom takes the CD with him, with the intention of bringing it to Lost and Found. You know those […] Read more »

Dead Simple by Peter James (Roy Grace #1)

Dead Simple by Peter James

Dead Simple is the first book in the Roy Grace crime mystery / thriller series by the British author Peter James. I have a couple of books in the series at home, but since I didn’t get a chance to read the first book until now, I left them untouched on a shelf in the other room. Until now…right until I saw the first book listed on NetGalley with a new republishing date of October 2014. I figured this is my chance to finally read the series and catch up to the books I already have at home. The story […] Read more »

Book Tour/Review And Giveaway: Death Bed By Leigh Russell (DI Geraldine Steel #4)

Death Bed by Leigh Russell

Death Bed is the 4th DI Geraldine Steel book by Leigh Russell. I usually don’t start a book anywhere but at the first in the series, however as I joined the book tour for this author’s novel, there wasn’t enough time to read the previous 3 books. I also didn’t know what to expect, this author being new to me. All I knew is that the storyline takes place in the UK. Geraldine Steel has recently transferred to London, coming from Kent – a place which is looked upon as the backyard of the country by her fellow police officer […] Read more »