5 Mystery Books Turned Into Movies In 2014

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Without further ado, here are 5 mystery books turned into movies in 2014. If you haven’t read the books yet, now it’s your chance to read them before the premieres will be airing later on this year. I have to say 2014 will really be an exciting year for books and their respective movie adaptation! It is usually said that books are better than their movie adaptations and I think most of us will agree. However many readers do enjoy seeing their favorite novels brought to the big screen. Each year there are new movies made based on popular books […] Read more »

7 Movies Based On Mystery Novels You Might Not Know About

Die Hard movie based on Nothing Lasts Forever

I love reading mystery novels, and I love watching action packed movies. I know that watching a good movie is a more popular past time than reading books, but did you know that many of the movies you’re watching are actually based on mystery novels? I have already listed 7 great mystery novels turned into movies, however the difference is that the books that sparked the creation of those movies are well know (e.g. Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code). However there are some quite popular movies that you might not actually know that have been in fact made from previously […] Read more »

7 Great Mystery Books Turned Into Movies

The Silence of the Lambs movie

With the many films that are made each year it is not so easy to narrow it down to a list of  top 5, top 7 or top 10 mystery books turned into movies, and I’m sure all the movies listed below might not be everyone’s first choice. The list is based on my own favorites, it might be biased, but I hope you will find here something you haven’t read (or seen) yet that will leave you with a few extra hours of fun relaxing time. To make the top list easier to manage, I left out all screenplays, […] Read more »