Book Review: Betrayal in Time by Julie McElwain (Kendra Donovan #4)

Betrayal in time by Julie McElwain

The latest Julie McElwain book, Betrayal in Time, takes its readers back to the 19th Century England, where Kendra Donovan is reminiscing about her past life in the future while learning and getting used to being more lady-like in the past. When Bow Street Runner Sam Kelly is called to an old church where a chase led a policeman right to the body of a prominent personality, he feared there might be more to the murder than what he could see with his own eyes. When the mortician discovered some strange signs on the naked dead man’s body, Sam knew immediately whom he […] Read more »

Freefall by Brian Lutterman (Pen Wilkinson #3)

Freefall by Brian Lutterman

Freefall, the third book in the Pen Wilkinson legal thriller series by Brian Lutterman brings back Pen to face another dangerous case, this time involving her own family. Pen Wilkinson is a paraplegic. A few years ago she got in a car accident that not only killer her six-years-old niece who was at the time with her in the car, but also left Pen hurt for good. She somehow picked up the pieces of her life and went on living, continuing to help those who could not help themselves, despite her own disability. But Pen has also a knack for getting herself […] Read more »

The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards

The Devil's Work by Mark Edwards

The Devil’s Work is a standalone psychological thriller by Mark Edwards, the author who also wrote Follow You Home. I have to admit that The Devil’s Work is the first book I have read from this author, however it will not be my last. In fact I will go back and hunt down some of his older standalone novels, because if they are as good as this one, the author goes on my ‘to watch out for their books’ list. The meaning of be careful what you wish for, because it might just come true is a main theme in […] Read more »

Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz (Orphan X #1)

Orphan X by Greg Hurwitz

Orphan X is the first book in the new Evan Smoak – aka The Nowhere Man, aka Orphan X series by author Gregg Hurwitz. I picked up this book because I’m on an assassin thriller novels kick lately, having read Tom Wood’s Victor The Assassin series, Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man series and many others. I figured Orphan X is a welcome addition to this thriller sub-genre, and I was right. However, Evan Smoak does remind me also of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in a way as well, so that’s a plus. The book is about Evan Smoak, a legendary assassin […] Read more »

The Dance of Dimitrios by Patrick Brigham (DCI Michael Lambert #3)

The Dance Of Dimitrios by Patrick Brigham

The Dance if Dimitrios is the third book in the Detective Chief Inspector Michael Lambert crime mystery series by the author Patrick Brigham. In the first book of the series called Judas Goat when Michael Lambert made his appearance for the first time, he was a chief inspector with the Thames Valley Police Authority. In Dance of Dimitrios we meet Lambert again, this time, however, working for the Europol (the European FBI) as a DCI – detective chief inspector. He is a middle aged man who is now divorced and newly in love with another woman who is living in Italy. Sadly the complex cases he […] Read more »

Little Boy Blue by M.J. Arlidge (Helen Grace #5)

Little Boy Blue by M.J. Arlidge

Little Boy Blue is the latest offering by the author M.J. Arlidge in his popular Helen Grace British crime mystery series. I received the book from Netgalley a while ago and really wanted to review it earlier, however, what kept me from it was the fact that I can’t stand not reading all the books in order. Since the last book I’ve read in the series was book #3, The Doll’s House, there was no way I would continue with book #5 without reading book #4 first, so I bought it from Amazon and read it quickly before catching up to Little Boy […] Read more »

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child (Jeremy Logan #4)

The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child

The Forgotten Room is the 4th book in the Jeremy Logan series by Lincoln Child. I have read his first three books, and I was really glad to see he finally wrote a new one, as the last one published before was in 2012. Jeremy Logan has a very esoteric job. He is an enigmalogist, and his job description entails investigating the inexplicable and weird, the phenomena that can’t be explained in the usual ways. Often his work includes paranormal investigation and strange things like the Loch Ness monster and the Big Foot. His latest case takes him to a place he hasn’t been at […] Read more »

Never Alone by C J Carpenter (Megan McGinn #1)

Never Alone by C.J. Carpenter

Never Alone is the first book in the Megan McGinn crime mystery series by C.J. Carpenter. When browsing Netgalley for something new to read, I came across this book and I liked the blurb, so I requested it. It took me about a month to get to it, but finally I’ve read it and here is my review. Megan McGinn is an Irish catholic police detective with the NYPD. She comes from a family of police officers, her father having been one in his time as well. Megan has just solved a major crime, putting behind bars a very dangerous […] Read more »

Plugin Review: Ultimate Book Blogger

Ultimate Book Blogger plugin

A few folks asked me how do I get the layout for my book reviews, because it looks professionally done. So I decided to write this post by reviewing the very plugin I use every single day to write book reviews: the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin. When you start your book reviewing blog, you will not have a lot of content posted. Everything you will do at this point will be from scratch: the blog layout, the blog posts and above all, the reviews you’re writing about your favorite books. This is how I also started working on Mystery Sequels. […] Read more »