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Suzanne Adair (website) has written two historical mystery series revolving around the American War of Independence era years 1780-1781. Reading the author’s books in order is a fun journey into the revolutionary past.

Suzanne Adair is a Florida native and lives in a historical city near North Carolina Piedmont.

Her two series, A Mystery of the American Revolution and Michael Stoddard American Revolution Thriller focus on the American Revolution and have characters as ordinary people who overcome threats to their lives, fortunes, and honor. These are the times and places where heroes are forged.

Through her books, the author wants to make that particular time in history accessible to everyone in a way that goes way beyond what is taught at school (you know, the boring statistical and factual material devoid of any action, emotions or feelings).

Here are the Suzanne Adair books in order for her beloved two series.

Mystery of the American Revolution Series

1. Paper Woman (book #1), 2006

2.The Blacksmith’s Daughter (book #2), 2007

3. Camp Follower (book #3), 2008

Michael Stoddard American Revolution Thriller Series

1.Regulated for Murder (book #2), 2011

2. A Hostage to Heritage (book #3) 2013

3. Deadly Occupation (book #1), 2015 (although published as third, it is the first book chronologically in the series)

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  1. Kim Thompson says:


    I am the Regent from D.A.R. James Hunter Chapter in Madison, NC. We have used your book series in our Historical Book Club and We loved each book. We have shared information with our sister chapters about how the books are a wonderful read.

    I was wondering if you do book talks? I know a lot of us would love to hear how these stories came about.

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