Writing Mysteries

Writing Mysteries

Edited by Sue Grafton

(published 2002)

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Mystery fiction is a species all its own, and writing it can be a special type of puzzle. But with this book, a writer’s conference of sorts, readers will learn how to make their stories more taut, more real, more immediate, and more fraught with tension.

Because this book’s contributors, all members of the Mystery Writers of America, have walked by night, they know mystery story form, and they’ll help readers learn it. They know who moves in the shadows, and they’ll introduce readers. They know how to tighten the screws of suspense, and they’ll hand readers a screwdriver.

Here’s your ticket to the greatest mystery-writing workshop ever!In this extraordinary compilation, more than three dozen members of the Mystery Writers of America share insights and advice that can help make your writing dreams a reality.

You’ll learn how to:

Develop unique ideas
Construct an airtight plot packed with intrigue and suspense
Create compelling characters and atmospheric settings
Develop a writing style all your own
Write convincing dialogue
Choose the appropriate point of view
Work with an agent
Conduct accurate research
and much, much more!
You’ll also find special guidelines for creating clues, dropping red herrings, and writing medical, legal, historical, true crime, and young adult mysteries. It’s all the information you need to solve the mystery-writing riddle!