Criminal Mischief

Criminal Mischief

by Stuart Woods

Book 60 in the Stone Barrington series
published 2022

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In this exhilarating new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington goes up against an enemy on the run.

After a dangerous adventure has him traveling up and down the coast, Stone Barrington is looking forward to some downtime at his Manhattan abode. But when an acquaintance alerts him to a hinky plot being hatched across the city, he finds himself eager to pursue justice.

Stone Barrington, the famous New York attorney and fighter of evil, swings into action once again after meeting a beautiful woman who told him that she had invested a substantial sum of money with Viktor Zanian, who has escaped the US after being exposed for running a Ponzi scheme. Basically he had defrauded her of her money in said MLM scheme.

After the mastermind behind it all proves more evasive than anyone was expecting, Stone sets out on an international chase to places he’s never gone before. With the help of old friends—and alluring new ones—Stone is determined to see the pursuit through to the end, even if it means going up against a foe more unpredictable than he has ever faced…

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