Dying Light

Dying Light

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by Stuart MacBride

Book 2 in the Logan McRae series

published 2006

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The second crime thriller in the No.1 bestselling Logan McRae series from Stuart MacBride.

Even the darkest crimes will come to light…

‘Stuart MacBride is a damned fine writer’ Peter James

Crime never sleeps.

Down by the docks, in the dead of night, a woman is hunted down and killed. For DS Logan McRae, it’s just the beginning of another nightmare.

Neither does this killer.

As the day dawns and the body count rises, Logan realises that this isn’t just an isolated murder. It’s far more disturbing than that.

A killer is on the loose and wreaking havoc – and Logan is running out of time to stop them.

And the clock is ticking …

Praise for ‘Dying Light’:
‘Another brilliant, riveting police procedural. I’m green with envy!’ R D Wingfield

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