by Steven James

Book 2 in the Blur Trilogy series
published 2015

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The disturbing visions that helped Daniel Byers solve a deadly mystery have finally quieted, and the sixteen-year-old basketball star is looking forward to things settling back to normal. But when his father mysteriously disappears, Daniel realizes that the key to finding his dad rests in deciphering his chilling hallucinations.

Soon, long-buried secrets begin to surface, revealing clues that could help him locate his father. But as the past collides with the present and reality begins to blur around him, Daniel faces a race against time to save his dad before it’s too late.

Filled with pulse-pounding suspense, Fury continues the thrilling young adult Blur Trilogy from bestselling author Steven James.

Building on some of the intriguing premises in Blur, I began to play out three different storylines that I thought were all intriguing–one having to do with secret government research; another with a haunted lighthouse; and a third with wolf poaching.

I had no idea how the three storylines would relate to each other, but every day for months I would wake up, work on the story, think about the possible connections; and little by little, the story revealed itself to me.

Interestingly enough, I struggled with pulling the story together until I decided to include more than just one point of view. Once I made that decision and stopped imposing a framework on the story that it didn’t need, I was able to write it honestly and authentically.

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