Beneath the Book Tower

Beneath the Book Tower

by Steve Hamilton

Book #0.5 in the Alex McKnight series, published 2011

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From Edgar Award-Winning Author Steve Hamilton, “Beneath the Book Tower” is the first ever short story featuring Alex McKnight, showing a different side of the man readers have come to love.

Before the tragic event that made him seek refuge in a remote corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Alex McKnight was a Detroit police officer working with his partner, Franklin, during the night shift.

It’s a warm summer night, and Alex is out riding the night shift with his partner Franklin.  There’s no shortage of trouble to be found on the dark streets of Motown.  But on this particular night, Franklin has his own agenda.

This is the incident that prompted Alex’s departure from the police force and his retreat to Paradise Michigan. This is what started it all…

A short and quick reveal of the city of Detroit and its deterioration which touched not only the buildings but also the people within.