Past Prologue

Past Prologue

by Steve Berry and Diana Gabaldon

Cotton Malone meets Outlander, published 2018

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An original short story from iconic thriller collection Match Up, edited by Lee Child, featuring a never-before-seen pairing between bestsellers Diana Gabaldon and Steve Berry.

What happens when you bring together the 18th-century world of Diana Gabaldon and Steve Berry’s modern-day hero Cotton Malone? The result is a rollercoaster ride of a short story set in the wilds of Scotland and spanning several centuries.

A short collaborative work that merges together the present with the past. Cotton Malone meets Jamie Fraser, both leading characters in their own series. When Cotton Malone attends a book auction at an old castle in the Scottish Highlands, while he is dressed in the traditional Highland clothes of past centuries, little does he know that the next day things will change very much for him. Because those stones that take one to past centuries are nearby as well.

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