The Shell Game

The Shell Game

The Shell Game

by Steve Alten


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What do the events of 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, the war with Iran and the turmoil in the Middle East have in common? Oil. Fossil fuel.

This is what Steve Alten’s standalone thriller tries to warn the world about in a narrative way. The book is a fictional cautionary tale about the impeding oil crisis and what that brings along with it, including a new possible attack on US soil.

This book is especially timely now with the latest presidency pushing for fossil oil while discarding everything to do with climate change. We see how an addiction to fossil fuels influences America’s military and politics. Those few in power stay mum about how much fossil oil really is available and in the book, this knowledge is being kept secret by any means necessary.

While it is fiction, it is a book that should not be taken lightly. It is highly speculative, but parts of it are all too scary and true. And very timely.