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I know that many of us (including me) have started to use an eBook reader like the Kindle, or an iPad (it’s my favorite gadget to read books) or something else, but most of us still love books the old fashioned way: in paperback or hardcover format. And I bet most of us still have at least a bookshelf – or at least one shelf – full of books. So show me your bookshelf, and I’ll show you mine 🙂

All my live I was surrounded by books – by real books. New books, old books, bought books, borrowed books, traded books, all kinds of books. I love the smell of new books, and I also love the slightly musty smell of books that have been around long enough to tell a story.

So how many books do you have at home? I have over 1000 right now at home and in storage, pretty much all over the place. I used to have around 2000, until I’ve donated about half of them to our local St. Paul church’s charity book shop. Early on when I moved to Cyprus from Hungary, the small bookshop of this church helped me a lot as I could buy quite cheaply some of their books to read. I eventually built up a small bookshelf. Later on I started trading books with others all over the world through Bookmooch and the old Bookrelay (now changed to Bookobsessed).

Once I got some spare money I started to buy books (which I still buy even today). Until eventually I realized that I no longer have place at home to get new books. I do buy more eBooks these days than paperbacks, but I still have many actual paperbacks and hardcovers – many that are still waiting for me to read them! Talk about a book hoarder.

So here is my small challenge, should you want to take it. Take a photo of your bookshelf and post it in the comment section below. When you comment on this post, there is an option to add an image, which  is very easy to use.

In the meantime I’ll post some of my bookshelves and books scattered around the house. As my apartment is quite small, I don’t have those gorgeous wall to wall bookshelves, so I put my books wherever I find an empty place (which is getting less and less these days). Thus…excuse the mess, please!

my bookshelf

my bookshelf


my bookshelf


my bookshelf


my bookshelf


my bookshelf

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  1. Wow! Can you give some of your extra space to me? I certainly could use it. I have around 400-500 books here in the house including encyclopedias and other non-fiction stuff. We’re really cramped and my mother is already ranting about me buying a lot of physical books. So right now, I have to content myself with buying e-books. It’s not the best option for reading though but I am slowly falling inlove with it. E-books are efficient because they’re portable, can be read even at night or when there’s a night time power outage and they’re certainly environmentally friendly.

    I love love your bookshelves. I hope that I also have the same luxury of space.

  2. Ok this is mine and believe me I I wish I had more space so they weren’t all crammed together.

  3. I have about 7 bookshelves in my house. I am an online reading teacher and teach kids all over the world how to improve their reading. I use ebooks with them, but I love books so much that I even have a bookshelf magnet the size of my refrigerator on my refrigerator. I will take a picture of that one as well and share it with you. LOL.

    When I build my dream office, it is going to be wall to wall books. Oh yea. And my dream desk for working with clients that come to my house
    It is only $951.

  4. I love this … You have so many interesting books that I feel inspired just by looking at the images 🙂

  5. My gosh…u have quite a stash of books.
    Oh…If I was at your home I would be a happy lady.
    There are quite a number of books that I would love to read from your mini library. =)
    I prefer to read real books than e-books though. I love to hold on to a book and flip through the pages one page after another… where an e-book you just hold on to your tablet/phone or look at your pc.

  6. I’d like to stay in your place! Scrolling through your photos I have an urge to make myself a cup of coffee, grab a book and find a comfortable snugly corner and get myself lost in the books.

    I love books, real books. I like the smell of old pages, the feeling of pages, the joy of flipping a book. I do not have a kindle nor an ipad, still resisting the “temptations”. I love book fairs and book sale where I spend quite a lot of money buying books. Lucky for me the husband does not object to it and the boy developed a love for books too~

  7. WOW! You weren’t kidding when you said you had a lot of books! I had a clear-out recently, so my shelve are less stacked than they were – my favourites (Discworld) are outside my bedroom on a shelf made when the loft extension staircase didn’t quite fit as it was supposed to…and my own published stuff is in the spare bedroom with kids books I can’t bear to get rid of, like Peepo and Percy the Park Keeper…

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