French Silk

French Silk

by Sandra Brown

published 1992

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Like the city of New Orleans itself, Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced with a mysterious elusiveness. The founder of French Silk, a fabulous lingerie company, she has fought hard to make it a worldwide success. Then a TV evangelist attacks French Silk’s erotic sleepwear as sinful. And when he is killed, Claire becomes the prime suspect.

District Attorney Robert Cassidy knows Claire is damning herself with lie after lie about the murder, even as he feels her drawing him into her world and her very soul. But neither Cassidy nor her protests of innocence can save Claire unless she reveals a shocking truth—one she has sworn to take to the grave…

Claire Laurent has struggled a lot to lift Silks from France and turn it into the best-known lingerie firm of the moment. Claire knows how to combine elegance with a will of iron, and she has a reputation for not allowing anyone to get in her way. When televangelist Jack Wilde starts a campaign against France’s Sedas for the “sinful” fantasy garments that Claire sells, and shortly after he appears brutally murdered, all suspicions fall on her.

Complicated in the case are also Robert Cassidy, in love with Claire but almost convinced of his guilt; the stunning model Yasmine who has contributed so much to placing Sedas de Francia in the limelight, and the young widow of Jack Wilde, who cried in public to her husband with her beautiful blue eyes, although she plans to take over her entire television empire …