Breath of Scandal

Breath of Scandal

by Sandra Brown

published 1991

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Fourteen years ago Jade Spery was raped by three guys. Realizing that he can not win a case against the sirens of the local sheriff and the most influential rich in the neighborhood, the pregnant girl leaves her hometown. Jade manages to cope with the difficulties of lonely motherhood and building a brilliant career. 

But all that time, she had a devastating hatred of the abusers that had caused her to be dismayed and the suicide of her beloved. Now the rich business lady returns to Palmetto for the sole purpose of ruining the lives of the three abusers and distributing the long-held retribution. But her meeting with Dylan will make her wonder if it’s worth continuing the struggling struggle with the ghosts of the past, or is it the time to start your life purely …

She never forgot the sleepy “company town” where every man, woman, and child was dependent on one wealthy family. And she never forgot their spoiled son, who, with his two friends, changed her life forever. Someday, somehow, she’d return, exact a just revenge — and free herself from fear, and the powerful family that could destroy her.

A poignant novel about the poison of vengeance, the power of forgiveness and the miracle of love …