The Road to Gandolfo

The Road to Gandolfo

by Robert Ludlum

(published 1975)

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Here Robert Ludlum combines a motley cast — characters all — with the U.S. Army’s latest fall guy in a mad plot to kidnap the most beloved pontiff since John XXIII.

War hero and infamous ladies’ man General MacKenzie Hawkins is a living legend. His life story has even been sold to Hollywood. But now he stands accused of defacing a historic monument in China’s Forbidden City. Under house arrest in Peking with a case against him pending in Washington, this looks like the end of Mac’s illustrious career. But he has a plan of his own: kidnap the Pope.

What’s the ransom? Just one American dollar—for every Catholic in the world. Add to the mix a slew of shady “investors,” Mac’s four persuasive, well-endowed ex-wives, and a young lawyer and fellow soldier who wants nothing more than to return to private life, and readers have in their hands one relentlessly irreverent page-turner.

Originally published under the pseudonym Michael Shepard.