The Aquitaine Progression

The Aquitaine Progression

by Robert Ludlum

(published 1984)

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It begins in Geneva. There American lawyer Joel Converse meets a man he hasn’t seen in twenty years, a covert operative who dies violently at his feet, whispering words that hand Converse a staggering legacy of death: “THE GENERALS…THEY’RE BACK…AQUITAINE!”

Suddenly Converse is running for his life, alone with the world’s most shattering secret. Pursued by anonymous executioners to the dark corners of Europe, he is forced to play a game of survival by blood rules he thought he’d long left behind.

One by one, he traces each thread of a deadly progression to the hear of every major government—a network of coordinated global violence that no one believes possible. No one but Converse and the woman he once loved and lost. The only two people on earth who can wrest the world from the iron grasp of Aquitaine.