by Rob Sinclair

Book 4 in the Ryker Returns series
published 2022

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From the author of The Red Cobra, a new thriller featuring a spy on a journey across Europe in search of a killer . . .

James Ryker thought he’d gotten the gangsters out of the Norwegian town of Blodstein, so when he hears of a wave of murders, it gets his attention. Then he discovers that an unidentified teenager has been found dead in Crete, and the description of the victim raises an alarm—could the boy be Henrik Svenson, who Ryker had once rescued in Blodstein?

To get some answers, Ryker heads for Athens—and meets the seductive but duplicitous Eleni. Soon the search begins for a known associate of the elusive Eastern European drug kingpin known only as Jesper. But just as it looks like he’s about to get a break in the case, Ryker finds himself in jail for murder.

Someone is setting him up—and after two Russian agents visit him in prison, things take a turn he never expected . . .

Ryker is a good man who always seems to find trouble. Of course, it’s not always clear who is the winner or loser, apart from the bad and.

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