The Rules of Murder

The Rules of Murder

by Rob Sinclair

Book 2 in the DI Dani Stephens series
published 2020

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The case was closed. Now everyone connected is getting killed. Let the games begin…  A murderer is on the loose and DI Dana Stephens and her partner are always one step behind.

Henry and Caroline Redfearne’s annual ball is the hottest social event of the year.

But the fun is cut short by the discovery of their son’s body, apparently the victim of a frenzied assault. He was last seen heading off with 17-year-old Sophie Blackwood, and a blood trail seems to show that Sophie has been kidnapped.

DI Dani Stephens, still struggling with brain damage after an attack by her serial killer brother, is thrown into a desperate search for a murderer who kills and keeps on killing. With Sophie still missing, and no clues in sight, she has nowhere to turn. Nowhere, that is, except her brother…Dani’s murdering twin brother Ben provides for a very interesting angle in this sequel. The story is told through two different POVs: Dani and the killer.

Reviewer: Intense, disturbing, and fascinating at times, but with an overly graphic nature.

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