by Rob Sinclair

Book 5 in the Ryker Returns series
published 2022

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A teenager goes missing after surviving the massacre of her family, in this fast-paced novel of corruption and conspiracy from the author of Vigilante . . .

James Ryker and his protégé, Henrik Svenson, travel to the small alpine town of St Vincent, recently rocked by the triple murder of a prominent family. The sole survivor of the horrific crime, teenager Sophie Thibaud, has since been cared for by her aunt. Upon their arrival, however, Ryker and Svenson discover that Sophie is now missing too, and it’s not long before Ryker uncovers evidence of a wider conspiracy at play.

On this adventure, Ryker has 15-year-old Henrik Svenson along with him. The trouble with a capital T always seems to find Ryker. The Chibaud family is murdered in their home, but their daughter escapes. However, she now has disappeared and Ryker has to find her.

Their search for Sophie and the truth takes them to Lyon and beyond, crossing paths with ruthless mobsters and corrupt police on the way as Ryker looks to expose those involved in enriching themselves through any means possible. But in searching for answers against all odds, can Ryker remain protector to those who need him most?

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