Hunt for the Enemy

Hunt for the Enemy

by Rob Sinclair

Book 3 in the Enemy series
published 2016

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They’ve erased his past and wiped out his very existence—but Carl Logan isn’t finished yet . . . “A spectacular finale to the trilogy.” —Crime Book Junkie

Logan—once an invaluable asset, now branded a traitor—has been framed for murder. His own firm, the secretive Joint Intelligence Agency, has labeled him a rogue operative after two decades of loyal service. The agency is tracking him down . . . and they’re not the only ones.

But there’s much more at stake than just Logan’s life. One by one, agents and informants from all sides, all allegiances, are dying. And Carl Logan is the only man who can put a stop to it, once and for all. The hunt is on.  Trust is a commodity Logan can no longer afford, and even when forced to depend on an old enemy, it is a lesson that he is taught again and again.

Praise for Rob Sinclair and Hunt for the Enemy

“An excellent action thriller, perfect for fans of Jack Reacher and Ben Hope . . . A great series.” —Off the Shelf Book Reviews

“Fast paced and gripping . . . highly tense.” —Sarah Hardy, By the Letter Book Reviews

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