Fugitive 13

Fugitive 13

by Rob Sinclair

Book 2 in the Sleeper 13 series
published 2019

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Aydin Torkal – aka Sleeper 13 – is on the run.

Hunted not only by the world’s intelligence agencies, but also by the elite brotherhood of insurgents he betrayed, he has lived the past year like a ghost.

Until now.

You can’t but wonder who’s behind the Farm, who in MI6 is corrupt, and who exactly is Aydin’s dad working for and his uncle.

MI6 agent Rachel Cox knows Aydin better than anyone. The only person who believes he is an ally in the ongoing war on terror, not the enemy.

So when a coded message arrives from him, warning her not to trust her own colleagues, Rachel must choose between her career and the truth.

But as Aydin hunts down those who destroyed his childhood, the trail he follows will lead him closer to home than he ever expected.

He won’t stop until he has his revenge. He is FUGITIVE 13.

‘Perfect for spy thriller lovers and fans of I Am Pilgrim, Orphan X’ – Goodreads review

‘I could not put down this book’ – Netgalley reviewer

‘Brilliant, gripping’ – Netgalley reviewer

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