by Rob Sinclair

Book 2 in the Ryker Returns series
published 2021

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The bestselling author of Renegade delivers a spy thriller that’s “got the action . . . the blood and guts . . . and the twists you just don’t see coming” (David’s Book Blurg).

He’s never going to stop…

Stalking the streets of Prague, James Ryker is on the hunt for justice when he hears a news report of a murder in rural England. Big problem. He knows the victim. Ten years ago, Ryker led a team of assassins to kill him in Qatar. He thought they had.

So how has a man Ryker thought dead for over a decade suddenly resurfaced?

Traveling across the globe, Ryker sets off on a quest to discover the truth from that fateful night in Qatar. When he realizes that his old team members are now under threat from a ruthless female assassin, he knows his problems have only just started.

In a race against time, Ryker must work out who is behind the killings and evade the assassin before he becomes the next victim . . .

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