Rob Sinclair Books in Order – Complete List

Rob Sinclair is a bestselling British thriller author known for the James Ryker books, the Enemy series, the Dani Stephens novels, the Sleeper 13 series, and his critically acclaimed newest Ryker Returns series.

Here is the list of Rob Sinclair books in order for his series and standalone works.

New Rob Sinclair Books

Deception (Ryker Returns #6), 2023

James Ryker Thriller Series in Publication Order

  1. The Red Cobra, 2017
  2. The Black Hornet, 2017
  3. The Silver Wolf, 2017
  4. The Green Viper, 2018
  5. The White Scorpion, 2019

Ryker Returns Thriller Series in Publication Order

  1. Renegade, 2021
  2. Assassins, 2021
  3. Outsider, 2021
  4. Vigilante, 2022
  5. Protector, 2022
  6. Deception, 2023

Enemy Books in Publication Order

  1. Dance with the Enemy, 2014
  2. Rise of the Enemy, 2015
  3. Hunt for the Enemy, 2016

Sleeper 13 Series in Publication Order

  1. Sleeper 13, 2018
  2. Fugitive 13, 2019
  3. Imposter 13, 2020

DI Dani Stephens Books in Publication Order

  1. The Essence of Evil, 2019
  2. The Rules of Murder, 2020
  3. Echoes of Guilt, 2020
  4. The Bonds of Blood, 2021

Standalone Rob Sinclair Books in Publication Order

Rob Sinclair Anthologies in Publication Order

Rob Sinclair Biography – About the Author

Rob Sinclair books in orderAfter completing his graduate studies at Nottingham University in 2002, Rob Sinclair worked as an accountant for an international accounting firm for 13 years, specializing in forensic fraud investigations at a global accounting firm at the national and international levels.

However, Rob Sinclair had always been interested in writing, and in 2009, he decided to pursue a full-time career as an author. This decision came after he promised his wife that he could write an intriguing thriller story on his own.

The writing career of Rob Sinclair writing career began in 2013 with the release of his debut novel – the author’s first book, Dance with the Enemy, the first book in the gripping Carl Logan series, also called The Enemy series. The novel Dance with the Enemy follows the story of Carl Logan, a former agent for a secretive British intelligence agency who is forced back into action after his past comes back to haunt him. The Rise of the Enemy, the next book, was also an immediate success, garnering critical acclaim and reaching the top of the Amazon charts, and Carl Logan became a popular protagonist.

Since then, Rob Sinclair has published over a million copies across multiple successful series and standalone novels, cementing his place on the book list as one of the world and UK’s most exciting thriller authors. The works of Rob have been translated into multiple languages, and he has a devoted fanbase across the globe.

One of the most popular series by Rob Sinclair is the James Ryker books, which began with The Red Cobra in 2017. The series follows the story of James Ryker, a former agent for the Joint Intelligence Agency who must go on the run after being framed for murder.

One of the hallmarks of Sinclair’s writing is his ability to create complex, multi-dimensional characters. He has a particular talent for crafting interesting protagonists who must confront their pasts and their inner demons to overcome the obstacles in their path. For example, in the Dani Stephens books, the main character has to work with her own killer brother to solve a case, which gives her a major moral dilemma.

Sinclair’s fiction writing has been praised by critics and fans alike for its gripping suspense and attention to detail. His dedication to his work has allowed him to create a diverse range of stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Rob Sinclair has lived and worked in various cities worldwide, including New York, but he currently resides in the West Midlands with his wife and two young sons. He hopes to continue writing exciting and engaging novels in the future and is grateful for the support of his fans and followers.

The writing of Rob Sinclair has been compared to the likes of Lee Child, Robert Ludlum, and John le Carré. His novels are characterized by fast-paced action, intricate plots, and attention to detail.

Rob Sinclair has a talent for keeping his readers on the edge of their seats, and his ability to craft unexpected twists and turns has helped him stand out in a crowded market.

Why Read the Rob Sinclair Books in Order For His James Ryker Series?

There are several compelling reasons why one should read Rob Sinclair books in order for his James Ryker series:

It allows readers to fully appreciate the character development and story arc that unfolds throughout the books.

It also ensures that readers avoid spoilers and can fully understand the events that take place in each book.

Rob Sinclair employs a range of literary techniques throughout the series, including foreshadowing and flashbacks, to keep the reader engaged and build suspense.

The series explores a range of themes, including loyalty, betrayal, revenge, and redemption, which are interwoven throughout the books.

By reading the books in order, readers can fully appreciate the world-building that Sinclair has created and understand the relationships between the various characters and organizations.

How Many Rob Sinclair Books Are There?

Currently, there are 22 Rob Sinclair books published in total, including the five series and his standalone novel (the James Ryker books, the Ryker Returns books, the Enemy books, the Dani Stephens series, and the Sleeper 13 books, and Dark Fragements, the first of his standalone novels.

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