Search For Her

Search for Her

by Rick Mofina

published 2021

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A missing daughter, a family with secrets, a race for the truth…

The story is set in the neighboring states of California and Nevada and focuses on a missing daughter, a family with secrets, and a race for the truth. At a truck stop near Las Vegas, fourteen-year-old Riley Jarrett vanishes from her family’s RV while they were on the road, turning their cross-country dream of starting over into a nightmare.

Investigators have their work cut out for them. The massive, bustling truck plaza in the desert is the perfect place for someone to disappear—or be taken.

Detectives pursue every chilling lead as all eyes fall to the newly blended family with a tragic past. With the clock ticking down on the likelihood that Riley’s alive, suspicions run deep. Everyone—from Riley’s mom to her stepdad to her stepbrother and her ex-boyfriend—has something to hide. And their secrets could prove deadly.  As a 14-year-old missing from one of the largest truck stops in the country, she could be a prime target for all manner of nefarious deeds, so the main drama is the search for Riley, but the search is not easy.

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