The Lying House

The Lying House

by Rick Mofina

published 2019

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There’s only one way to bury a secret…

Lisa Taylor had friends, family and a job she loved back in Cleveland. But when her husband, Jeff, lands the promotion of a lifetime, she gives it all up to stand by him. Their whirlwind move to Miami feels like an adventure, their idyllic new neighborhood the perfect place to start a family. But their dreams are shattered when a stranger breaks into their house, holding a knife to Lisa’s throat before Jeff can chase him off.

Suddenly, every sacrifice Lisa made is like a loss she’ll never recover from. But Jeff makes it clear there’s too much at stake to return to Ohio. Isolated and afraid, Lisa becomes a hostage in her own home. She can’t shake the feeling she’s being watched. And with the man she married growing increasingly unrecognizable, she’s starting to wonder whether their hasty move was to pursue a better life–or escape a chilling past that won’t be outrun.

The narrative goes between thoughts of Lisa and Jeff, and the investigations by the police and an FBI special agent. The story also has a connection to a serial killer who may be related to the scumbag who once threatened Lisa.