The People vs. Alex Cross by James Patterson (Alex Cross #25)

The People vs Alex Cross

The People vs. Alex Cross is the 25th and latest book in the popular Alex Cross series by one of my favorite authors, James Patterson. I was eagerly waiting for it to be published and then I grabbed it right away. Unlike in the previous novels, this time around Alex Cross is on trial on two counts of murder and one attempted murder. Apparently, his killing of a few Gary Soneji lookalikes was unjustified, although he claims innocence. Thankfully before the actual trial, Alex can stay at home without having to go to prison. Btw, to learn about his arrest, you need […] Read more »

The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens

The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens

The Guise of Another is the second book by the author Allen Eskens. The first book, the author’s debut novel was The Life We Bury, and it featured college student Joe Talbert, and to a very small degree, my favorite character by Allen Eskens, Max Rupert. In this book, the main character is Max’s brother, Alex Rupert, who is also a detective with the Minneapolis Police Department, just like Max. Alex’s reputation has been lost and he is painstakingly trying to get it back. He comes across an identity theft case which he hopes will make him the respected cop he […] Read more »

Big Easy Evil by Heather Graham (Cafferty and Quinn #3.7)

Big Easy Evil Heather Graham

Big Easy Evil is the latest offering by the popular romantic suspense author Heather Graham. I have so far read everything the author wrote, except some of the novellas and short stories, so I figured what better way to increase my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge count than by reading a few quick stories before the end of the year, including this fun Halloween paranormal tale. The book is part of the Cafferty and Quinn paranormal series. For anyone who hasn’t read this series yet, the books are set in New Orleans and they feature Danni Cafferty and Michael Quinn. Danni is […] Read more »

Midnight in Death by J.D. Robb (Eve Dallas #7.5)

Midnight in Death

Midnight in Death is a short story in the In Death/Eve Dallas futuristic romantic suspense series by one of my favorite authors, J.D. Robb. I love reading the Eve Dallas books because they are delicious, hot, and absolutely addictive. I thought I have read everything by J.D. Rob so far, but I’ve realized that Midnight in Death novella is one that I haven’t read yet. And with Christmas and New Year being almost upon us, what better time to catch up to it as well than now. My copy is part of the Silent Night collection of stories by renowned romance authors. I […] Read more »

Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum #24)

Janet Evanovich Hardcore Twenty Four

I couldn’t wait for Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich to be released. As soon as the book was released, I bought it and started reading it. Afterall, reading the Janet Evanovich books in order is nothing short of a well-timed holiday away from real life. I’ve been reading this series from the very first book, One for the Money and I still can’t get enough of Stephanie Plum even after all these years. In Hardcore Twenty-Four, Stephanie is dealing with several cases which make her running all over the place. First, we meet Simon Diggery, a grave robber which is nothing […] Read more »

Guilty Blood by Rick Acker

Guilty Blood

Guilty Blood is the latest standalone legal thriller by the author Rick Acker. While the author has two crime-mystery series (each containing two books), his latest novels are all standalones and all legal thrillers (a genre I love). In Guilty Blood, we meet Brandon Ames, a college student who is in the process of studying in his room when he is picked up by the police and booked on suspicion of murder. Whom would he have murdered? He has no idea. When he gets his one phone call, he calls his mom and asks for her help. Jessica Ames is […] Read more »

Tom Clancy Power and Empire by Marc Cameron

Tom Clancy Power and Empire

Tom Clancy’s Power and Empire is the latest book in the Campus series written by Marc Cameron. Reading the Tom Clancy books in order always brings confusions to many people because, while there are several different series in the Tom Clancy Universe, they are more or less interconnected. For example, in Power and Empire, the president Jack Ryan is present, along with the old John Clark, and the Campus group as well. So where do you really place this book, because each group had something going on in Power and Empire? As usual in the Tom Clancy books, here different […] Read more »

The Midnight Line by Lee Child (Jack Reacher #22)

The Midnight Line Jack Reacher Lee Child

Lee Child is back once again with a new book in the Jack Reacher series at the delight of the millions of fans both the author and the character have all over the world. Reading the Jack Reacher novels in order leading up to the 22nd book is a journey worth taking. In every new book, Jack Reacher ends up in another part of America, usually by coincidence, depending on where the last bus stop takes him. This time around, he is leaving Milwaukee, heading towards the shores of Lake Superior up North. During one of the stops the bus is making along […] Read more »

The Late Show by Michael Connelly (Renee Ballard #1)

The Late Show by Michael Connelly

The Late Show is the first book in the Renee Ballard series by one of my favorite authors, Michael Connelly. Now, reading the Michael Connelly books in order has been a great joy for me, not only in terms of his Harry Bosch series but his Mickey Haller, Terry McCaleb, and Jack McEvoy series as well. And now we have Renee Ballard: a kick-ass heroine who has been unfairly demoted to work the Hollywood night shift, fondly (and with snickers) called “The Late Show.” The demotion means that all Renee and her partner, Jenkins, do is pick up incoming cases during […] Read more »

Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben

Dont let go by Harlan Coben

Detective Napoleon Dumas (also called “Nap”) is a detective in New Jersey. He’s in his mid-30s, good at his job, but forever brooding.  Something happened many years ago that forever changed him. His twin brother, Leo, and his girlfriend committed suicide during their senior high-school years. Nobody knows why; they only know that the couple was found dead at the nearby railroad tracks. Soon after, Nap’s girlfriend, Maura, completely disappeared, never to be found again. That is, until now. This sets the scene for Harlan Coben‘s latest psychological thriller Don’t Let Go. Nap could never find the closure he so much […] Read more »