Guilty Blood by Rick Acker

Guilty Blood

Guilty Blood is the latest standalone legal thriller by the author Rick Acker. While the author has two crime-mystery series (each containing two books), his latest novels are all standalones and all legal thrillers (a genre I love). In Guilty Blood, we meet Brandon Ames, a college student who is in the process of studying in his room when he is picked up by the police and booked on suspicion of murder. Whom would he have murdered? He has no idea. When he gets his one phone call, he calls his mom and asks for her help. Jessica Ames is […] Read more »

Bum Luck by Paul Levine (Jake Lassiter #12)

Bum Luck by Paul Levine

Bum Luck is the 12th book in Paul Levine’s Jake Lassiter legal thriller series, and it’s also the first book I’ve read by this author. I was a bit worried that picking up a book without knowing anything about the series beforehand would be difficult, but it was anything but. The story was easy to follow and the characters were fun to learn about. And let’s face it, it’s not very often you read about a lawyer who wants to kill his client right after winning his freedom. At the very start of the book. Yeah that definitely got my attention […] Read more »

Freefall by Brian Lutterman (Pen Wilkinson #3)

Freefall by Brian Lutterman

Freefall, the third book in the Pen Wilkinson legal thriller series by Brian Lutterman brings back Pen to face another dangerous case, this time involving her own family. Pen Wilkinson is a paraplegic. A few years ago she got in a car accident that not only killer her six-years-old niece who was at the time with her in the car, but also left Pen hurt for good. She somehow picked up the pieces of her life and went on living, continuing to help those who could not help themselves, despite her own disability. But Pen has also a knack for getting herself […] Read more »

Windfall by Brian Lutterman (Pen Wilkinson #2)

Windfall Brian Lutterman

Finally! The second book in the Pen Wilkinson series, Windfall, is here. When I’ve first read Downfall last year, I was not even sure there would be a sequel, but luckily the author didn’t disappoint his readers. Pen Wilkinson is a paraplegic. She is also a lawyer, and darn good at her job. In her first book we meet her in her new job which turns out to be nearly her downfall indeed. The reasons for hiring her were all wrong and scary – not only that, but they could easily cost her freedom, if not her life as well. […] Read more »

Clinical Trials by Daniel Steven

Clinical Trials by Daniel Steven

Clinical Trials by Daniel Steven is a surprisingly good legal thriller from the late 1990s. I used to read legal mysteries and thrillers back in the day, but then my tastes changed a bit and I haven’t read a book in this genre in quite some time. As I’ve been reading lots of books on my iPad the last few months, I’ve decided to tackle some of my paperback books as well and I picked Clinical Trial because I liked the cover, hoping for a good medical thriller. Much to my surprise, while it was taking place in the medical […] Read more »